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One important way you can help our cause is by spreading the word. Sign up for our email list and forward our emails to your friends. Share our Facebook posts. Retweet our tweets on Twitter. Comment on our blogs to get the discussion rolling. You can even write a blog for our website by sending it to info@cleanslatenow.org.

Have an event you'd like Ken to speak at? Send us the details to info@cleanslatenow.org.

We are not naive. We know this effort will take a lot of people. We need you to get everyone you know involved. We need you to speak out against big money taking over our political process.

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Elect independent non-partisan and minor party candidates. Find them and report their campaigns to THRO; become a THRO coordinator: http://cs2pr.us/THRO/help.html#Leaders . Occupy The Election Process, http://cs2pr.us/Voter_Pledge.html#99% . Rich Stevenson, Common Sense II Political Reforms.
Problem and Solution: http://cs2pr.us/THRO/help.html#Goals .

I saw the need back in the late 80s, early 90s. I commend your work.
We recruit and advocate for candidates who do not take special interest PAC money.