Our Values

CleanSlateNow.org is an independent expenditure committee. Our goal is to help qualified candidates who do not take campaign contributions from special interest political action committees (PAC), and who agree to run honest and respectful campaigns. 

CleanSlateNow.org is non-partisan. We will support Republicans, Democrats, Libertarian, Green, unaffiliated or other party candidates as long as they meet the criteria above. If you know someone who you think should be on our list, but is not, let us know. Email info@cleanslatenow.org.

What separates CleanSlateNow.org from other independent expenditure committees is that our goal is not to support a particular interest, candidate or party.

Our interest is a functioning democratic system. We want issues to be decided on the merits, by a democratic counting of votes. We oppose the bending of policy toward money. We feel that the overwhelming influence of special interest money is undermining the moral basis for our government. We feel this way whether the money comes from the right or the left - whether the money comes from unions, corporations, trial lawyers, oil companies or any other particular interest.

If we decide to help a candidate, we will not coordinate with that candidate.  

We strongly believe the American people care about this issue. We also believe that in a district where a candidate chooses to forego special interest PAC money, the voters will take notice of and support that candidate. So letting the voters know who has made this courageous decision is what we are going to do.   

CleanSlateNow.org is going to follow the same rules that we apply to our candidates. We will only accept contributions from individuals and we will treat everyone with respect. If by some chance a volunteer or staff member of CleanSlateNow.org writes, says or does something that offends someone, please know that it was not the fault of any candidate that CleanSlateNow.org is supporting.

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