Our Supporters

Many people help support the work of CleanSlateNow.org. In fact, we could not do what we do without them. Here are some of them.


Georgia Locker
Glenn Wallace
James Manuel
Francisco Katz
Hal Goldberg
Jeff Hart
William Boyd
Linda Buch
Evelyn Shamon
H. Peter Silvestri MD
Bob Hershey
Susan Miller
Brian McGee
Bill Heckler
Bill Fyfe
Andrew Kaza
Michael Young
Connie Newton
Gary Wamsley
Heinke Reitzig

Joan Chase
 Robert Paulson
Andrew Yaros
Larry Roos
Paul Oberbroeckling
Mark Kastler
Judy Lubow Michael Melio
Richard Stehlik
Steve Andreas
Mary Ann Dimand
Mark Lewis
Joyce Thorn
Janet Henson
Lawrence Reed
Kim Lookis
David Raphael
Bruce Hann
Bruce Madison

Gail Bernstein
Roy Wardell
Fred Fechheimer
Annie Meo
Myra Rieger
Patricia Bermon
Lynn Hirshman
Wilbur Little
Bob Carlsten
Eleanor Dwight
Anne Courtright
Jon Hegel
Frank Parce
Jeff Cain
Clarence Baer
Gioia Cardelli
D.E. McGill
James Hunter
Ken Norem


*We are required to file all of our donations and expenditures with the CO Secretary of State. For more information, please search Clean Slate Now on their website.


Margi Ness
Seth Chipman
Matthew Hardwick
Jeff Hart
JoLynn Jarobe

Caroline Meredith
Sarah Stadler
Nora Jacquez
Don Bishop
Bett App

Terry Monley
Jeff Konrad-Helm
Bob Hofman
Tyler Nading
Marijo Roymer

Jan Wilson
Rob DuRay
Matt Leebove
Sherry Graham
Erika Zierke

Nancy Hauck
Lynn Corbett
Elizabeth Case
Michael Cummings
Way Shen

John Eisenhower
Marci Rivera
Matt Bryant
Zach Zaslow

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