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Westword: After Aurora theater shooting, Ken Gordon takes aim at political contributions from gun lobby

Health Policy Solutions: Public health leaders 'afraid' to say guns

Denver Post: PAC Money: Two State House Candidates Turn Down Special Interest Money

Truthout: Stigmatize the Money

The Colorado Independent: Colorado GOP donors fly below the radar with maze of 527 committees

The Colorado Observer: Guest Commentary: Why Both Parties Should Favor Campaign Spending Limits

Real Aspen: Court ruling could undermine U.S. Chamber, Koch brothers' penchant for campaign-spending secrecy

The Colorado Observer: Ken Gordon's Campaign Finance Fight

CU Newsroom: Campaign Finance Debate

The Berthoud Recorder: Ken Speaks about Campaign Finance

CO Inside Out: February 24th Episode

KGNU Radio Interview with Ken Gordon: 2/7/12

The Devil's Advocate with Jon Caldara: Interview with Ken

Denver Post: Guest Commentary: Buying Democracy

The Colorado Independent: Ken Gordon Leads Protest Against Corporate Money in Politics

Westword: Occupy the Courts Protest Corporate Personhood Enewsletters:

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