It's only been three months since the last election but...

Prepare for battle. The weapons are out already.

Donkey and elephant

The next election is only 638 days away but Super PACs are already forming with  targets defined. Republicans and Democrats alike have formed Super PACs for the 2014 congressional races. The Democratic House Majority PAC has publicly targeted 10 vulnerable  Republicans in competitive districts. The list includes Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota and Mike Coffman from the sixth district here in Colorado. The PAC said the list will expand.

For Republicans, American Crossroads has formed a new super PAC called the “Conservative Victory Project,” aiming to make sure Republican congressional primary victors can also win the general election. Overly conservative candidates can win primaries in the GOP, but then face difficulty against moderate Democrats in the general election, which is how Republicans lost seats in the Senate and the House in 2012.  The PAC, according to spokesman Jonathan Collegio, strives to nominate "the most conservative candidate in the primary who can win the general election.”

So Democrats are on the offensive and Republicans on the defensive. Although I appreciate the effort to keep extremist candidates off the ticket, I keep thinking  that in choosing which candidates to support in the primaries, these  party interests are, once again, stepping in the way of the public interest. By  picking and choosing winners and losers, a Super PAC based in  Virginia can tell Colorado voters which candidate is better for Colorado. They’ll choose the candidate that they believe has the better chance of winning.  Of course they will be biased in favor of candidates who support the interests of their special interest donors.

My worry is that here again is an opportunity for special interest money to pick candidates who represent their interests and not the interests of the people who live in the district.  As we have said before people should reward with their votes the candidates who turn down special interest money and work for their constituents. 

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