Candidates Who DO NOT Take PAC Money


These candidates have made a necessary and courageous decision to turn down special interest political action committee campaign contributions. Their name below is a link.  Send them a note thanking them for representing their constituents and not special interest contributors. 

Find out what corporations and unions your elected officials are receiving money from.

State Officials

Federal Officials



U.S. House of Representatives


Andrew Romanoff (CD 6, Aurora, Littleton, Centennial, Brighton) Democratic Party

Rep. Jared Polis (CD 2, Boulder, Fort Collins) Democratic Party


Rep. Phil Roe (CD 1, Kingsport, Morristown) Republican Party

New York

Jeffrey Kurzon (CD 7, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg) Democratic Party



Colorado General Assembly

Sen. Irene Aguilar (SD 32, Denver) dem_logo.jpg

Rep. Lois Court (HD 6, Denver) dem_logo.jpg

Sen. Michael Johnston (SD 33, Denver) dem_logo.jpg

Rep. Janak Joshi (HD 14, Colo. Springs) rep_logo.jpg

Rep. Dan Pabon (HD 4, Denver) dem_logo.jpg

Sen. Pat Steadman (SD 31, Denver) dem_logo.jpg

Rep. Jovan Melton (HD 41, Aurora) dem_logo.jpg

Owen Perkins  (HD 2, Denver) dem_logo.jpg



Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele dem_logo.jpg

Tommy Wells (Washington, DC Mayor) dem_logo.jpg

Charles Allen (Washington, DC Council Ward 6) dem_logo.jpg


If you're thinking of running for office without special interest contributions, here are some helpful principles to follow>>

Please suggest others if they aren't listed here. We must be able to verify their stance. Please include a link to a website or Facebook page which states their stance.

Disclaimer: Even if the official candidate committee is not accepting special interest/PAC money, because of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, PACs, political parties and other political committees may be spending money advocating for the defeat or election of these candidates without their permission. 

Photo Credit: buggolo, flickr
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