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Campaign Finance Legislation in the States Oct, 2015

So far this year there have been 787 campaign finance bills proposed in state legislatures, according to the Campaign Finance Legislation Database of the National Council of State Legislatures.  Of those 787 bills, 95 have been enacted.  Some state legislatures remains in session, so these numbers may change over the next few months.  Most of the 95 measures were minor adjustments to state campaign laws.

If you are interested in learning more about the 95 measures that have passed and been enacted so far, click here to see our table with links to track key bills, or click here to view summaries of any of the 787 bills from the National Council of State Legislature's Campaign Finance Legislation Database.

In five states, campaign finance reform was a major topic of discussion and provides important lessons for those seeking meaningful reform throughout the country:

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2015 State Campaign Finance Legislation

The National Conference of State Legislatures tracks all legislation in state legislatures throughout the country, including on campaign finance issues.  According to this database, there have been 787 bills proposed across the 50 states, and 95 of those have been enacted.

Legislatures have adjourned in 43 states, and remain in session in 7 states as of this analysis.

For detailed information about the bills that have passed, click on the state, which will take you to the legislature's website where you can search the bill code for detailed information.

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Special interest financing of state legislative campaigns

Following up on our last report, we have compiled and analyzed campaign finance data from all 50 states to determine which, if any, campaign finance regulations reduce the average candidate's reliance on special interest groups to finance a campaign.  The National Institute on Money in State Politics originally collected the campaign finance data we compiled and analyze here.

Key Findings:

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Special interest group financing for state legislative campaigns in all 50 states

Based on data provided by the National Institute for Money in Politics, we have been able to determine how much an legislative average candidate in all 50 states relies on special interest groups to fund their campaign.  The following rankings of the states are based on reliance on special interest group financing - from least to most...

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Current Legislation in Congress on Campaign Finance 8-27-15

Below are the bills and proposed Constitutional amendments filed so far in the 114th Congress (as of 8-27-2015), along with summary information about the status of each.  They are sorted by the number of cosponsors, as this is an indication of the likelihood that the bill or amendment might pass.  So far, none of the bills or proposed amendments has been approved by either chamber of Congress.  There have been 34 bills proposed so far and 13 proposes amendments to the Constitution.

Additional information about each proposed bill or amendment, including summaries and the actual text, can be found at

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