Important News from Clean Slate Now

Over the past two months we have spent countless hours discussing our best path forward with the new Clean Slate Now board. We now have some exciting news to share about our organization's future.

Ken_Gordon_bw.jpgClean Slate Now recently received a $50,000 contribution from the Harold and Marion Gordon Foundation to help expand our capacity to educate voters about the need for fixing the campaign funding system in America.  Harold and Marion Gordon were the parents of our founder, former Senator Ken Gordon.  In the wake of Senator Gordon's passing, his son, Benjamin, helped us secure this donation from their family foundation to ensure his father's legacy.

Our focus

Moving forward, Clean Slate Now will focus on continuing the work Ken Gordon championed in his lifetime, in a way that reflects your feedback over the past year.  We will emphasize:

1)   Educating voters on the importance of candidates relying on campaign contributions from regular people, not special interest groups, and informing them about proposed solutions being discussed throughout the country;

2)   Educating candidates and other political insiders on the importance of foregoing special interest money, and instead relying on their constituents for funding their campaigns; and

3)   Connecting voters who care about the issue of eliminating corrupting forms of campaign contributions with candidates who exhibit leadership on the issue, especially those candidates who swear off special interest group contributions from political action committees (PACs) and other similar sources.

Megaphone.jpeg Thought_Bubble.jpeg Candidate_Pict.jpeg

Our overarching aim is to raise the profile of both the problem and its solutions and to restore the intended checks and balances of our political system.  We recognize that our goals will not be met in just one election cycle and cannot be achieved without the support of millions of Americans, but we know that this approach can have an immediate and important impact on our political system.

Our funding

We expect most of our funding to come from regular people who read our emails, follow us on social media, and act on our goals within their community.  We are not yet asking for donations.  Before we ask, we want to show you the kinds of research and messaging we will want you to help fund.

We have also set up a wing of Clean Slate Now that can accept tax-deductible donations, so your contributions may help bring down your tax bill.  Those funds will need to be dedicated to voter education purposes, and will not be used on our advocacy efforts related to candidates.

Your role

As always, your feedback, support, and involvement will be vital. 

Over the coming weeks, we will ask for your help in spreading the word about our latest reports and events and recruiting new followers to our email list and Facebook and Twitter sites.

Over the coming months, we will also need your collective financial support and volunteer time, as well as your continued feedback.

With your help, and the help of tens of thousands of new followers we plan to recruit over the course of this year, Clean Slate Now can have an important and immediate impact on the problems plaguing our political system.


Thank you,

Mark Mehringer
Executive Director

Watch the Debate for Governor of Maine

Watch the debate for Governor of Maine held October 8, 2014 at 7:45am, which includes independent candidate Eliot Cutler, who is not taking PAC money.

Watch Ro Khanna and Rep. Mike Honda Debate in the race for Congress in CA CD-17

Watch the debate held October 7, 2014 between Ro Khanna and Mike Honda in the race for Congress in CA CD-17.


Watch the 4th debate between Andrew Romanoff and Mike Coffman from CO CD 6

Watch the debate between Andrew Romanoff and Mike Coffman from October 6, 2014.


Book Signing and Community Forum with David Cobb and Jeffrey Clements

Book Signing and Community Forum with David Cobb and Jeffrey Clements

David Cobb

Jeffrey Clements

Join these two leaders of the American “Pro-Democracy Movement” as they discuss the devastating impact that “Corporate personhood” has on our small “d”/ small “r” democratic republic, and what WE THE PEOPLE can do to take back the political power that has been stolen from us by Global Corporations and the moneyed elites.

Clements’ book Corporations are NOT People: Reclaiming Democracy from Big Money and Global Corporations will be available for purchase and signing.

Monday, October 27, 2014, 7:00—8:30 p.m.

The Mercury Cafe (Upstairs)
2199 California Street
Denver, CO 80205

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. Light food and beverage service will be available.  Admission is FREE.

A big win for clean money in Montgomery County, Maryland

A big win for clean money in Montgomery County, Maryland

Earlier this week, the Montgomery County, MD Council unanimously passed legislation creating a small donor matching system for county council and county executive elections.

The details of the new funding system are spelled out here, but the key elements are that candidates for local county offices in Montgomery County, Maryland who refuse campaign contributions from PACs, corporations, and unions, can receive public funds that match small donations from individuals.  For example, a $25 contribution will be matched with $150, for a total of $175 for the campaign.

This kind of system can help level the playing field for candidates who refuse PAC money.

Lunch with the Incoming President and CEO of Common Cause, Miles Rapoport

Lunch with the Incoming President and CEO of Common Cause, Miles Rapoportmiles-rapoport.jpg

Thursday, October 16, 11:30am - 1pm

Denver Consistory
1370 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203

You are invited to a luncheon with incoming Common Cause President and CEO Miles Rapoport.  Miles has a long history of working on the issue of money distorting politics, as well as serving in elective office and leading the organization Demos from a small start-up to a major policy research organization.

Learn a little more about him at this link:

This is a fundraising event to support Colorado Common Cause, but lunch and registration are free. So even if you’d like to come just to learn a little a more about the organization, we encourage you to join us.

While the event is free, an RSVP is required if you plan to attend.

Public Forum with Federal Elections Commission Vice Chair Ann Ravel

More Info on the forum with Federal Elections Commission Vice Chair Ann Ravel

Thursday, October 9, 7pm

University of Colorado Denver Lawrence Street Center
1380 Lawrence Street

2nd Floor Terrace Room

Ann Ravel - Vice Chair (and incoming Chair) of the FEC
Michael Berry - CU Denver Political Science Department
Will Trachman - Attorney, elections expert
Peg Perl - Staff Counsel, CO Ethics Watch
Stephanie Bor - CU Denver School of Public Affairs

First there will be a panel discussion, followed by opportunities for public comment (2 minutes per person, and you need to sign up that night to ensure your opportunity to speak).

If you plan to attend on next week Thursday, please RSVP with Clean Slate Now by clicking here, if you have not done so already.  I will bring t-shirts for anyone interested in wearing one and make sure you are signed up for an opportunity to speak.

Click here for more details from the official event website.

The Politics of Engagement

This past weekend, I spoke with a woman who runs her company's PAC.  She works at a renewable energy company in Colorado.  Clearly, she was already convinced that being involved in politics was worthwhile, but she surprised me by expressing concern about the issue of money in politics.  After all, she was the organizer of her company's PAC.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to explain our perspective from Clean Slate Now - that candidates should fund their campaigns through the support of thousands of small donations from regular people, and not rely on special interest group lobbyists and their PACs.  I added that PACs can actually help make that happen.

Most people don't realize it, but PACs actually have two ways they can help support candidates.  The most common approach, which I think needs to be abolished, is to take money from people, put it into the PAC bank account, and decide for their donors how to use that money.  This gives the lobbyist for the special interest group and the PAC staff control over a pool of money, and thus the ability to give more money to their favorite candidates.  Lobbyists can not only give a maximum of $5200 to a Member of Congress directly, but can also direct another $15,000 to nearly any Member of Congress ($10,000 to their campaign and $5,000 to their leadership PAC).  And this does not even include the unlimited amounts they can spend through a Super PAC.  The system works in a similar way at the state level, depending on the state's laws.

This form of PAC giving provides a relatively limited number of political insiders (especially lobbyists) far more influence than the average person, not to mention creating a huge conflict of interest when the lobbyists come back asking for a meeting or a vote.

This approach also takes the original donor to the PAC out of the equation, and does little to encourage their further engagement in politics.  When you give to a PAC, you give up the ability to control how those funds are spent.  You give the PAC director and/or lobbyists control over that money.  You may also not know until after the election which candidates received the money, and which did not.

The other way PACs can help candidates raise money is to encourage people to give as individuals, including by processing the transaction and sending the money to the campaign.  Because you direct the money to a specific candidate, this form of contribution actually counts as part of your personal contribution limit, instead of the PAC's limit.  You also can then choose which candidates you want to support, and which you do not.  This approach also encourages you to do more than donate.  When you have to make the decision about each candidate, you learn something about them.  You are now empowered both to give your time and to encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to give as well.

PACs have the potential to engage people more in the political process - but most PACs rely on making those decisions for you.

The politics of engagement helps us better understand our society, our government, and the policies being discussed by our politicians.  It makes us part of the process of decision making, and as a result inspires us to be part of the conversation.

Survey Results and 2 candidate updates

First, here is some good news: a recent poll by Public Policy Polling found Greg Orman leading Senator Pat Roberts by 7 points in the race for U.S. Senate in Kansas.  Greg Orman is running as an independent candidate and is not taking any money from special interest PACs.  Pat Roberts has taken as much money from PACs as he has from people.

On his website, Orman highlights the importance of reforming our campaign funding system to clean up Washington.  His platform specifically includes calls for banning leadership PACs and donations from federal contractor lobbyists and their PACs.

Originally, Orman joined a multi-candidate race as an independent, but the candidate nominated by the Democratic Party dropped out (though his name will remain on the ballot).  While Orman has turned down PAC money, Senator Pat Roberts has taken over $7.5 million from PACs in his career, including government contractors, and more than $2.3 million just this election cycle.

RoKhanna.jpgSecond, the race in California's 17th Congressional District between Democrats Ro Khanna and Congressman Mike Honda is heating up.  Khanna has held firm in his commitment not to take any money from special interest group PACs or from lobbyists.  Rep. Mike Honda has continued accepting PAC money, including over $575,000 just for this election cycle.  

Despite Honda taking PAC and lobbyist money, Khanna has actually raised more money in the race.  Khanna also received the endorsements of the San Jose Mercury News and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Khanna spells out his beliefs on the need for campaign funding reform in an open letter on his website.

Honda and Khanna are scheduled to debate on October 6.  We will keep an eye out for more details on that event, including any online viewing options for those of you not in the Silicon Valley area.

Finally, I wanted to share the results of our recent survey questions - about candidates who refuse PAC money but still accept money from lobbyists.  Of those who responded, 78% prefer that a candidate not take money from lobbyists, 6% prefer that they take lobbyist money, and 17% do not have a preference.  

More importantly, here are some of the comments from your fellow Clean Slate subscribers when asked how they feel about candidates who take campaign contributions from lobbyists:

It's government of, by, and for the highest bidder. It is our system of entrenched corruption. But given that it is our system, it's better to accept contributions from those we agree with than those that offer the most money.


We as taxpayers should allow legitimate candidates a set amount of money from the government. No PAC's, no lobbyists, no special interests, no corporations. Then and only then is it a level playing field and we will get honest opinions, I hope. The fact is they all are lying bastards.


If I knows that a candidate takes money from outside interests, I won't vote for him.


I agree with the causes some lobbyists are hired to represent, and not with others.  Failing to take contributions from lobbyists does not end the lobbyist system.


The lobbyists have become 4th branch of gov.  I highly respect those that do not take money from lobbyists, but they do reduce their chance of winning.


Candidates that take contributions from lobbyists are making it clear that their loyalties are given to the lobbyists, not to the citizens that vote for them.


I don't think they should, but the candidates continue to do so.  I also feel that accepting money influences how they vote on any given issue.  So, we the people become poorer and poorer because of unfavorable votes.


It may be hard to conceive this, but lobbyists are, unlike corporations, people.  I have no problem with them contributing their own money to candidates, or candidates accepting their personal money.


I will respond with what I think (not feel) about campaign contributions from lobbyists.  My understanding is that lobbyists represent organizations of people and to some extent the organizations (labor unions, teachers, etc.) of people are supporting candidates who have similar views.  There are regulations for lobbyists, (and for the people they represent) although I understand some persons are hired to perform similar functions as lobbyists and do not register.  With limits, the hiring of lobbyists to represent organizations is somewhat in line with contributions in line with people's interests. 

Campaign contributions from lobbyists creates the appearance of corruption, which increases distrust of everything government, and rightfully so.


Candidates who take campaign contributions from lobbyists can be influenced, but they still can think for themselves.


Lobbyists are corporate representatives, and are worse than corporations.


The entire funding system for Federal Office is broken.  There must be a leveling of the playing field between individual (read real people) contributions and powerful interests, including lobbyist, corporation (read contracting people, not real people).  This is only ONE of the issues wrong with our election system.


It is my belief that you dance with the one that brought you.  In other words, taking money makes candidates more likely to be beholden to the giver, either lobbyists or not.  That's why I favor public funding for all campaigns.


I wish we had publicly-funded-campaigns, so that lobbyists could spend their efforts informing already-elected officials, to help them make informed legislative decisions.  In the meantime, I expect some of the money I contribute to social justice, environmental, and political causes, to be spent electing candidates who will be in a position to enact legislation furthering the agenda I care about.

Thank you for continuing to read our emails, and for your feedback.  While you and I did not create the problems facing our political system, solving them will require the work of many of us.  If you cannot donate or volunteer, please be sure to at least share this information with your friends and family online or in person.

Candidates who turn down special interest money need all of us to speak up for them, in whatever way we can.


{{ }}
Executive Director

Congressional District 6 - PAC $$ vs. Lobbyist $$

Labor Day used to be the unofficial kickoff date for campaign season.  In this day of unlimited campaign contributions and spending, though, many races have already taken off, including in Colorado's 6th Congressional District. 

Both of the candidates, Andrew Romanoff and Rep. Mike Coffman, launched their first TV ads, and the candidates have also held their first two debates.

You can watch the second debate online here, courtesy of the Aaron Harber Show and the Denver Post:

At the second debate, Coffman took issue with Romanoff's decision not to take money from political action committees (PACs), pointing out that Romanoff does take money from lobbyists and corporate executives.

What do you think?  Before you read on, click here to take our short, 3-question survey about this issue.

Read more

Congressional PAC Report Updated

In March, we issued our first report looking at the state of political action committee (PAC) money being donated to Members of Congress in their Congressional careers.  Over the past week, we have updated our data and added to our analysis a look at PAC money donated to Members of Congress thus far in this election cycle (from January 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014).

As with our past report, we rely on the Center for Responsive Politics' site and their great search tools.

In the House of Representatives, the top name in the Hall of Shame of PAC money for the 2013-2014 election cycle (through 6/30/14) remains Eric Cantor, despite having lost his bid for re-election in June.  He managed to raise over $2.4 million from PACs through the end of June.

In second place is Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), with nearly $2.2 million raised so far.

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) comes in third place with $1.9 million raised from PACs.

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) is the only Democrat in the top ten list of PAC recipients this election cycle, with just under $1.9 million raised from special interest groups.

In the Senate, the Hall of Shame of PAC money for 2014 also includes a range of Senate leadership:

1)    Sen. Mitch McConnell has taken the most PAC money ($5,457,788) and is 4th in career PAC receipts among current Members of Congress ($13,047,568).  McConnell not only leads the Republicans in his chamber, but he is also facing a tough re-election fight in his home state of Kentucky.

2)    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has rocketed to second place in the Hall of Shame in the Senate, with $5,051,690 from PACs this election cycle - putting her in second place.  As a leader in making her finances and contributions transparent, she is a shining example of how transparency is not enough to prevent corruption or the appearance of corruption.

3)    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid received the third most PAC money in the Senate, at $4,780,264.  Unlike McConnell and Gillibrand, Reid will not face election this year.

The following list is based on data provided by as of June 30, 2014 and is sorted by Chamber in Congress and then State and 2014 PAC %:

Member State Chamber Party 2014 PAC $$ 2014 PAC % Career PAC $$ Career PAC %
Bachus, Spencer Alabama House R $263,555.00 91 $7,407,827 57
Sewell, Terri A Alabama House D $859,167.00 68 $1,912,992 45
Aderholt, Robert B Alabama House R $553,129.00 62 $4,011,821 41
Rogers, Mike D Alabama House R $458,240.00 58 $4,210,147 44
Roby, Martha Alabama House R $497,854.00 56 $1,381,652 43
Byren, Bradley Alabama House R $796,151.00 49 $796,151 49
Brooks, Mo Alabama House R $209,300.00 42 $962,243 42
Young, Don Alaska House R $218,528.00 35 $6,556,896 39
Pastor, Ed Arizona House D $221,250.00 80 $4,937,827 53
Franks, Trent Arizona House R $131,925.00 55 $1,333,214 33
Grijalva, Raul M Arizona House D $200,750.00 48 $2,228,227 42
Barber, Ron Arizona House D $884,020.00 41 $1,774,137 36
Gosar, Paul Arizona House R $161,500.00 40 $917,123 34
Salmon, Matt Arizona House R $308,500.00 40 $1,330,742 38
Sinema, Kyrsten Arizona House D $895,365.00 37 $1,266,685 28
Kirkpatrick, Ann Arizona House D $687,150.00 36 $2,690,660 33
Schweikert, David Arizona House R $165,503.00 26 $1,377,269 23
Womack, Steve Arkansas House R $404,918.00 62 $1,042,068 45
Crawford, Rick Arkansas House R $346,099.00 53 $1,235,425 38
Griffin, Tim Arkansas House R $388,410.00 51 $1,383,109 33
Cotton, Thomas Arkansas House R $1,067,649.00 15 $1,534,392 16
Vargas, Juan California House D $436,857.00 82 $1,246,267 40
Napolitano, Grace California House D $207,000.00 79 $2,432,081 58
Negrete McLeod, Gloria California House D $103,550.00 75 $173,065 39
Sanchez, Linda California House D $735,903.00 74 $3,564,453 58
Hahn, Janice California House D $379,282.00 72 $1,552,214 41
Matsui, Doris O California House D $614,319.00 71 $3,410,766 58
Roybal-Allard, Lucille California House D $242,800.00 71 $2,649,164 55
Nunes, Devin California House R $1,035,089.00 67 $4,572,469 53
Hunter, Duncan D California House R $671,025.00 64 $2,103,227 51
Thompson, Mike California House D $917,902.00 64 $6,367,717 45
Farr, Sam California House D $322,392.00 60 $4,145,559 55
McKeon, Buck California House R $289,455.00 59 $4,240,822 40
Miller, Gary California House R $453,822.00 59 $3,221,018 50
Miller, George California House D $277,572.00 59 $4,119,463 55
Becerra, Xavier California House D $790,197.00 58 $6,892,656 63
Garamendi, John California House D $571,524.00 58 $1,972,355 41
Lowenthal, Alan California House D $365,705.00 57 $865,173 47
Campbell, John California House R $131,252.00 55 $2,334,135 39
Cook, Paul California House R $342,594.00 54 $586,332 48
LaMalfa, Doug California House R $272,201.00 54 $605,229 44
Calvert, Ken California House R $484,763.00 53 $4,119,999 41
McCarthy, Kevin California House R $2,199,236.00 53 $7,004,583 54
Valadao, David California House R $948,957.00 52 $1,523,457 48
Eshoo, Anna California House D $559,590.00 51 $5,689,475 48
Schiff, Adam California House D $326,500.00 51 $3,996,648 30
Bass, Karen California House D $386,500.00 49 $1,187,848 49
Davis, Susan A California House D $213,508.00 49 $2,265,085 37
Denham, Jeff California House R $1,022,798.00 49 $2,569,371 43
Costa, Jim California House D $468,350.00 48 $3,628,262 45
Waxman, Henry A California House D $421,867.00 48 $5,507,671 61
Capps, Lois California House D $770,040.00 47 $5,692,700 38
Pelosi, Nancy California House D $925,400.00 47 $8,410,410 50
Sanchez, Loretta California House D $463,522.00 47 $5,575,603 34
Sherman, Brad California House D $455,239.00 47 $4,624,625 33
Cardenas, Tony California House D $298,302.00 45 $680,652 45
Waters, Maxine California House D $393,615.00 43 $1,890,797 30
Huffman, Jared California House D $285,796.00 40 $689,220 32
Bera, Ami California House D $984,193.00 38 $2,119,672 23
Lofgren, Zoe California House D $302,462.00 38 $3,110,540 46
McNerney, Jerry California House D $331,931.00 38 $3,510,125 29
Swalwell, Eric California House D $634,117.00 38 $758,817 30
Peters, Scott California House D $953,025.00 37 $1,282,744 18
Royce, Ed California House R $904,556.00 37 $5,453,447 35
Brownley, Julia California House D $679,740.00 34 $1,185,849 28
Chu, Judy California House D $243,290.00 34 $1,266,610 27
Speier, Jackie California House D $302,702.00 34 $1,468,051 33
Ruiz, Raul California House D $823,173.00 33 $1,291,998 29
Lee, Barbara California House D $225,775.00 27 $2,368,744 30
Honda, Mike California House D $574,669.00 24 $3,317,431 35
Takano, Mark California House D $249,080.00 24 $1,121,617 34
Issa, Darrell California House R $501,689.00 16 $3,899,024 17
McClintock, Tom California House R $83,043.00 8 $805,530 10
Rohrabacher, Dana California House R $21,975.00 3 $1,143,432 21
Perlmutter, Edwin G Colorado House D $925,573.00 60 $5,097,636 44
DeGette, Diana Colorado House D $435,649.00 57 $4,048,074 51
Lamborn, Douglas L Colorado House R $250,575.00 54 $1,591,460 52
Tipton, Scott Colorado House R $391,318.00 37 $1,417,850 26
Coffman, Mike Colorado House R $934,444.00 28 $2,436,737 26
Gardner, Cory Colorado House R $1,328,163.00 27 $3,033,014 31
Polis, Jared Colorado House D $0.00 0 $27,250 0
Courtney, Joe Connecticut House D $626,550.00 60 $3,978,410 38
Larson, John B Connecticut House D $812,270.00 60 $5,523,203 47
DeLauro, Rosa L Connecticut House D $478,467.00 47 $5,210,653 47
Himes, Jim Connecticut House D $801,981.00 39 $3,533,677 28
Esty, Elizabeth Connecticut House D $647,614.00 33 $1,042,076 20
Carney, John Delaware House D $590,873.00 71 $2,108,919 47
Wilson, Frederica Florida House D $205,000.00 74 $683,250 52
Ross, Dennis Florida House R $694,254.00 73 $1,768,696 59
Brown, Corrine Florida House D $210,625.00 61 $3,889,162 54
Crenshaw, Ander Florida House R $444,068.00 61 $1,890,037 33
Miller, Jeff Florida House R $236,850.00 60 $1,662,106 45
Bilirakis, Gus Florida House R $499,850.00 57 $2,049,499 30
Rooney, Tom Florida House R $241,323.00 57 $1,541,280 34
Diaz-Balart, Mario Florida House R $392,976.00 56 $2,919,979 44
Nugent, Richard Florida House R $147,331.00 56 $749,563 54
Mica, John L Florida House R $359,725.00 54 $4,962,655 50
Castor, Kathy Florida House D $247,200.00 49 $1,711,775 39
Hastings, Alcee L Florida House D $225,895.00 48 $2,398,330 41
Southerland, Steve Florida House R $848,160.00 43 $1,737,183 34
Posey, Bill Florida House R $314,483.00 40 $1,643,266 42
DeSantis, Ron Florida House R $374,675.00 39 $611,375 29
Webster, Daniel Florida House R $282,250.00 38 $1,271,609 26
Jolly, David Florida House R $609,907.00 37 $609,907 37
Buchanan, Vernon Florida House R $515,428.00 36 $2,610,647 14
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana Florida House R $252,464.00 33 $3,210,490 24
Deutch, Ted Florida House D $258,500.00 31 $1,215,935 30
Yoho, Ted Florida House R $196,128.00 30 $363,732 28
Murphy, Patrick Florida House D $1,006,429.00 28 $1,499,613 18
Frankel, Lois J Florida House D $249,475.00 25 $740,911 14
Garcia, Joe Florida House D $662,180.00 24 $1,689,551 22
Grayson, Alan Florida House D $197,275.00 10 $1,391,575 8
Clawson, Curt Florida House R $8,000.00 0 $8,000 0
Wasserman Schultz, Debbie Florida House D $2,000.00 0 $3,832,689 35
Johnson, Hank Georgia House D $423,500.00 80 $1,712,276 63
Lewis, John Georgia House D $366,175.00 80 $5,247,660 66
Bishop, Sanford Georgia House D $595,132.00 72 $5,891,237 59
Woodall, Rob Georgia House R $167,640.00 72 $639,008 63
Scott, David Georgia House D $240,190.00 70 $5,229,666 69
Barrow, John Georgia House D $1,494,162.00 63 $7,397,867 53
Scott, Austin Georgia House R $460,134.00 58 $1,212,422 41
Westmoreland, Lynn A Georgia House R $421,098.00 57 $2,702,906 41
Collins, Doug Georgia House R $350,681.00 52 $615,981 43
Graves, Tom Georgia House R $370,000.00 52 $1,342,162 42
Price, Tom Georgia House R $916,695.00 48 $5,223,124 42
Gingrey, Phil Georgia House R $350,215.00 18 $3,657,853 31
Kingston, Jack Georgia House R $874,094.00 12 $4,864,869 30
Broun, Paul Georgia House R $87,556.00 5 $1,102,134 16
Gabbard, Tulsi Hawaii House D $326,257.00 24 $692,035 22
Hanabusa, Colleen Hawaii House D $255,625.00 12 $1,483,936 23
Simpson, Mike Idaho House R $1,421,375.00 62 $5,013,488 63
Labrador, Raul Idaho House R $169,600.00 42 $657,595 34
Rush, Bobby L Illinois House D $236,500.00 91 $3,138,537 69
Shimkus, John M Illinois House R $1,355,062.00 85 $8,757,111 64
Davis, Danny K Illinois House D $295,533.00 81 $2,465,537 59
Gutierrez, Luis V Illinois House D $135,975.00 75 $2,245,677 48
Hultgren, Randy Illinois House R $584,684.00 65 $1,588,698 40
Lipinski, Daniel Illinois House D $404,100.00 65 $2,117,364 61
Davis, Rodney Illinois House R $1,551,196.00 59 $2,196,993 55
Kinzinger, Adam Illinois House R $890,502.00 57 $2,342,301 43
Enyart, William Illinois House D $698,590.00 56 $1,098,745 45
Roskam, Peter Illinois House R $1,443,316.00 55 $6,469,981 42
Schock, Aaron Illinois House R $1,162,646.00 54 $3,701,642 36
Quigley, Mike Illinois House D $329,350.00 49 $1,085,058 38
Bustos, Cheri Illinois House D $936,249.00 48 $1,478,822 35
Duckworth, Tammy Illinois House D $755,350.00 38 $2,232,144 19
Kelly, Robin Illinois House D $425,625.00 36 $431,474 31
Foster, Bill Illinois House D $597,493.00 31 $2,850,781 20
Schneider, Brad Illinois House D $795,186.00 28 $1,265,318 21
Schakowsky, Jan Illinois House D $275,905.00 25 $2,809,146 23
Visclosky, Pete Indiana House D $488,524.00 68 $4,591,880 47
Stutzman, Marlin Indiana House R $574,504.00 56 $1,235,154 48
Carson, Andre Indiana House D $418,638.00 50 $2,383,286 52
Messer, Luke Indiana House R $407,714.00 47 $745,814 28
Walorski, Jackie Indiana House R $665,694.00 45 $1,483,612 32
Bucshon, Larry Indiana House R $380,588.00 44 $1,457,624 44
Brooks, Susan Indiana House R $526,670.00 43 $769,870 29
Young, Todd Indiana House R $559,755.00 35 $1,148,058 21
Rokita, Todd Indiana House R $371,987.00 34 $1,154,825 33
Latham, Tom Iowa House R $811,784.00 74 $7,716,047 58
Loebsack, David Iowa House D $551,100.00 55 $2,801,167 55
King, Steven A Iowa House R $236,824.00 22 $2,310,857 27
Braley, Bruce Iowa House D $1,191,380.00 17 $4,165,447 27
Jenkins, Lynn Kansas House R $1,028,365.00 59 $3,137,362 45
Pompeo, Mike Kansas House R $953,783.00 51 $2,002,513 33
Yoder, Kevin Kansas House R $610,037.00 37 $1,732,442 33
Huelskamp, Tim Kansas House R $178,800.00 28 $848,671 30
Whitfield, Ed Kentucky House R $1,187,457.00 78 $7,291,953 60
Rogers, Hal Kentucky House R $652,890.00 72 $4,740,865 50
Guthrie, Brett Kentucky House R $1,035,204.00 71 $3,374,496 61
Yarmuth, John A Kentucky House D $328,936.00 62 $2,323,616 31
Massie, Thomas Kentucky House R $238,178.00 44 $541,678 34
Barr, Andy Kentucky House R $891,684.00 43 $1,501,917 26
Richmond, Cedric Louisiana House D $669,632.00 72 $1,722,656 49
Scalise, Steve Louisiana House R $854,339.00 60 $2,405,561 40
Boustany, Charles W Jr Louisiana House R $899,240.00 55 $6,399,724 47
Fleming, John Louisiana House R $188,975.00 15 $1,139,286 19
McAllister, Vance Louisiana House R $127,849.00 13 $127,849 13
Cassidy, Bill Louisiana House R $659,350.00 8 $2,053,077 16
Michaud, Mike Maine House D $161,750.00 91 $4,094,245 63
Pingree, Chellie Maine House D $59,500.00 20 $1,096,240 13
Van Hollen, Chris Maryland House D $477,500.00 74 $4,535,701 36
Ruppersberger, Dutch Maryland House D $555,467.00 72 $3,665,819 48
Edwards, Donna Maryland House D $296,900.00 66 $1,420,520 38
Cummings, Elijah E Maryland House D $445,807.00 64 $3,615,778 52
Hoyer, Steny H Maryland House D $1,866,625.00 60 $17,952,700 62
Delaney, John K Maryland House D $435,681.00 49 $816,971 15
Harris, Andy Maryland House R $376,076.00 38 $1,789,239 23
Sarbanes, John Maryland House D $0.00 0 $496,850 10
Neal, Richard E Massachusetts House D $1,044,610.00 80 $7,277,075 62
Capuano, Michael E Massachusetts House D $373,254.00 70 $2,921,543 29
Keating, Bill Massachusetts House D $378,025.00 57 $1,326,452 41
Tierney, John F Massachusetts House D $700,601.00 41 $3,630,745 35
McGovern, James P Massachusetts House D $261,850.00 40 $3,493,049 34
Tsongas, Niki Massachusetts House D $227,025.00 25 $1,569,702 20
Lynch, Stephen F Massachusetts House D $386,817.00 16 $2,472,770 25
Clark, Katherine Massachusetts House D $298,939.00 15 $298,939 15
Kennedy, Joe III Massachusetts House D $330,984.00 15 $756,305 12
Dingell, John D Michigan House D $360,053.00 86 $12,850,570 66
Levin, Sander Michigan House D $900,839.00 77 $9,448,546 55
Camp, Dave Michigan House R $1,578,195.00 76 $11,957,381 65
Conyers, John Jr Michigan House D $431,186.00 76 $4,709,525 58
Rogers, Mike Michigan House R $739,466.00 71 $6,824,190 52
Upton, Fred Michigan House R $1,642,162.00 67 $9,664,221 57
Kildee, Dan Michigan House D $377,114.00 63 $734,053 56
Miller, Candice S Michigan House R $414,560.00 63 $3,194,533 50
Huizenga, Bill Michigan House R $504,740.00 52 $1,363,105 50
Benishek, Dan Michigan House R $744,354.00 51 $2,356,518 46
Walberg, Tim Michigan House R $490,673.00 39 $2,577,362 32
Bentivolio, Kerry Michigan House R $128,000.00 23 $349,277 33
Peters, Gary Michigan House D $1,531,348.00 23 $4,551,026 31
Amash, Justin Michigan House R $89,550.00 6 $448,568 11
Peterson, Collin Minnesota House D $735,050.00 74 $6,493,936 72
McCollum, Betty Minnesota House D $337,725.00 55 $2,922,414 47
Nolan, Rick Minnesota House D $531,988.00 49 $953,242 41
Paulsen, Erik Minnesota House R $1,048,753.00 43 $3,862,088 35
Kline, John Minnesota House R $863,655.00 40 $5,627,974 40
Walz, Timothy J Minnesota House D $421,763.00 39 $3,287,457 35
Ellison, Keith Minnesota House D $216,944.00 14 $1,499,666 21
Bachmann, Michele Minnesota House R $8,500.00 1 $2,508,574 7
Thompson, Bennie G Mississippi House D $726,795.00 82 $6,573,687 60
Palazzo, Steven Mississippi House R $436,619.00 52 $1,088,006 38
Nunnelee, Alan Mississippi House R $379,156.00 50 $1,220,199 31
Harper, Gregg Mississippi House R $341,950.00 40 $1,083,402 30
Graves, Sam Missouri House R $793,405.00 86 $6,625,237 58
Clay, William L Jr Missouri House D $334,657.00 82 $2,924,977 65
Cleaver, Emanuel Missouri House D $492,990.00 74 $2,845,787 54
Luetkemeyer, Blaine Missouri House R $530,115.00 63 $2,125,290 36
Wagner, Ann L Missouri House R $979,665.00 52 $1,657,137 36
Long, Billy Missouri House R $448,576.00 48 $1,036,003 33
Smith, Jason Missouri House R $671,505.00 47 $671,505 47
Hartzler, Vicky Missouri House R $239,103.00 33 $1,055,405 29
Daines, Steven Montana House R $1,251,181.00 25 $1,687,389 24
Smith, Adrian Nebraska House R $571,485.00 76 $2,631,911 53
Terry, Lee Nebraska House R $1,216,950.00 67 $7,050,796 52
Fortenberry, Jeff Nebraska House R $250,871.00 42 $1,884,697 38
Horsford, Steven Nevada House D $656,495.00 59 $1,410,862 50
Amodei, Mark Nevada House R $207,800.00 48 $874,548 48
Titus, Dina Nevada House D $371,614.00 48 $2,601,373 40
Heck, Joe Nevada House R $809,185.00 43 $2,376,476 41
Shea-Porter, Carol New Hampshire House D $341,291.00 36 $1,973,106 32
Kuster, Ann Mclane New Hampshire House D $699,877.00 30 $1,557,711 20
Runyan, Jon New Jersey House R $264,334.00 68 $1,592,781 40
LoBiondo, Frank A New Jersey House R $997,950.00 65 $5,587,852 42
Payne, Donald M Jr New Jersey House D $270,053.00 65 $573,208 59
Sires, Albio New Jersey House D $233,500.00 55 $1,485,350 32
Lance, Leonard New Jersey House R $448,250.00 54 $2,203,192 44
Pascrell, Bill Jr New Jersey House D $697,680.00 54 $5,501,094 40
Frelinghuysen, Rodney New Jersey House R $467,576.00 47 $3,654,805 36
Garrett, Scott New Jersey House R $728,550.00 47 $4,456,016 39
Smith, Chris New Jersey House R $117,765.00 39 $2,097,427 32
Pallone, Frank Jr New Jersey House D $131,200.00 4 $8,015,965 40
Holt, Rush New Jersey House D $19,756.00 1 $3,732,972 23
Lujan, Ben R New Mexico House D $558,025.00 59 $2,070,604 44
Lujan Grisham, Michelle New Mexico House D $610,134.00 45 $1,136,449 33
Pearce, Steve New Mexico House R $381,174.00 26 $4,053,822 26
Serrano, Jose E New York House D $134,750.00 83 $1,809,684 60
Meeks, Gregory W New York House D $557,300.00 81 $4,025,129 65
Tonko, Paul New York House D $516,122.00 67 $1,856,598 53
Owens, Bill New York House D $505,200.00 64 $2,611,957 48
Clarke, Yvette D New York House D $269,715.00 63 $1,409,600 44
Slaughter, Louise M New York House D $461,100.00 57 $5,049,300 50
Collins, Chris New York House R $460,396.00 55 $835,413 25
Reed, Tom New York House R $1,401,735.00 55 $2,882,637 50
Maffei, Dan New York House D $1,019,750.00 54 $4,283,051 41
Crowley, Joseph New York House D $1,286,587.00 51 $8,198,396 57
Grimm, Michael New York House R $910,607.00 49 $2,245,125 42
Maloney, Carolyn B New York House D $546,287.00 48 $5,088,422 35
Bishop, Timothy H New York House D $843,690.00 46 $4,936,831 37
Gibson, Chris New York House R $1,043,884.00 46 $2,391,356 39
Hanna, Richard New York House R $476,830.00 42 $1,316,565 29
Jeffries, Hakeem New York House D $356,390.00 41 $577,390 25
Velazquez, Nydia M New York House D $253,750.00 40 $4,578,976 59
Nadler, Jerrold New York House D $327,100.00 37 $3,294,583 33
Engel, Eliot L New York House D $325,975.00 35 $4,699,146 46
Israel, Steve New York House D $1,095,640.00 35 $5,485,627 33
King, Pete New York House R $308,200.00 35 $4,683,665 40
Higgins, Brian M New York House D $212,779.00 31 $2,722,108 41
McCarthy, Carolyn New York House D $228,000.00 31 $4,898,004 33
Maloney, Sean Patrick New York House D $807,933.00 29 $1,191,208 24
Rangel, Charles B New York House D $403,450.00 29 $10,774,773 46
Lowey, Nita M New York House D $329,375.00 22 $3,430,905 18
Meng, Grace New York House D $163,955.00 18 $423,005 16
Butterfield, G K North Carolina House D $487,407.00 80 $2,769,033 70
McIntyre, Mike North Carolina House D $577,070.00 79 $4,786,209 49
Coble, Howard North Carolina House R $68,000.00 76 $3,954,385 58
Ellmers, Renee North Carolina House R $993,133.00 76 $1,634,157 47
Meadows, Mark R North Carolina House R $192,718.00 64 $466,318 33
Hudson, Richard North Carolina House R $696,539.00 60 $1,470,131 55
Price, David North Carolina House D $316,890.00 58 $4,493,189 39
McHenry, Patrick North Carolina House R $624,931.00 55 $3,653,693 50
Pittenger, Robert North Carolina House R $367,789.00 44 $594,696 14
Jones, Walter B Jr North Carolina House R $227,500.00 42 $3,899,775 46
Holding, George North Carolina House R $409,344.00 41 $698,096 26
Foxx, Virginia North Carolina House R $320,606.00 33 $2,081,548 32
Cramer, Kevin North Dakota House R $359,001.00 37 $826,150 26
Fudge, Marcia L Ohio House D $538,736.00 80 $1,623,875 72
Beatty, Joyce Ohio House D $432,934.00 74 $840,559 60
Kaptur, Marcy Ohio House D $442,810.00 74 $3,894,161 56
Tiberi, Patrick J Ohio House R $1,658,692.00 65 $9,507,587 52
Gibbs, Bob Ohio House R $577,553.00 64 $1,711,985 48
Stivers, Steve Ohio House R $1,118,412.00 56 $4,952,228 50
Renacci, Jim Ohio House R $851,161.00 54 $2,778,923 38
Ryan, Tim Ohio House D $425,550.00 54 $3,507,789 58
Johnson, Bill Ohio House R $941,526.00 53 $2,076,540 47
Joyce, David P Ohio House R $985,117.00 50 $1,277,167 44
Latta, Robert E Ohio House R $397,713.00 50 $2,319,868 53
Turner, Michael R Ohio House R $331,904.00 48 $2,930,063 40
Jordan, Jim Ohio House R $261,636.00 43 $1,940,383 40
Chabot, Steve Ohio House R $258,921.00 36 $6,159,542 43
Wenstrup, Brad Ohio House R $279,993.00 34 $553,443 31
Boehner, John Ohio House R $1,930,300.00 13 $14,746,348 23
Lucas, Frank D Oklahoma House R $768,063.00 73 $4,754,521 59
Mullin, Markwayne Oklahoma House R $406,656.00 43 $714,946 27
Cole, Tom Oklahoma House R $406,880.00 41 $2,954,620 40
Bridenstine, James Oklahoma House R $141,310.00 25 $351,957 26
Lankford, James Oklahoma House R $463,425.00 18 $1,012,868 20
Blumenauer, Earl Oregon House D $600,377.00 68 $4,291,577 56
Schrader, Kurt Oregon House D $723,538.00 59 $3,514,465 56
Walden, Greg Oregon House R $1,531,250.00 58 $7,202,078 51
DeFazio, Peter Oregon House D $436,789.00 57 $4,368,664 53
Bonamici, Suzanne Oregon House D $395,971.00 56 $1,147,571 36
Pitts, Joe Pennsylvania House R $792,770.00 83 $3,841,973 58
Doyle, Mike Pennsylvania House D $483,150.00 78 $4,851,282 63
Fattah, Chaka Pennsylvania House D $254,900.00 69 $2,537,518 48
Gerlach, Jim Pennsylvania House R $729,838.00 66 $7,744,852 52
Kelly, Mike Pennsylvania House R $710,252.00 63 $1,512,967 43
Murphy, Tim Pennsylvania House R $890,674.00 62 $6,068,350 53
Schwartz, Allyson Pennsylvania House D $297,250.00 57 $4,995,339 27
Meehan, Patrick Pennsylvania House R 856817 56 $2,976,647 42
Perry, Scott Pennsylvania House R $200,156.00 52 $451,237 50
Shuster, Bill Pennsylvania House R $1,788,894.00 52 $5,243,494 50
Barletta, Lou Pennsylvania House R $465,889.00 48 $1,842,945 34
Dent, Charlie Pennsylvania House R $672,483.00 48 $4,604,656 43
Marino, Tom Pennsylvania House R $371,829.00 48 $903,960 39
Brady, Robert A Pennsylvania House D $230,050.00 44 $2,381,575 39
Fitzpatrick, Michael G Pennsylvania House R $952,169.00 38 $4,501,056 39
Thompson, Glenn Pennsylvania House R $365,686.00 38 $1,437,598 39
Rothfus, Keith J Pennsylvania House R $655,058.00 37 $1,228,683 24
Cartwright, Matt Pennsylvania House D $245,200.00 23 $449,839 19
Langevin, Jim Rhode Island House D $414,210.00 50 $3,167,753 43
Cicilline, David Rhode Island House D $259,350.00 24 $1,175,700 21
Clyburn, James E South Carolina House D $1,394,189.00 81 $10,071,438 69
Mulvaney, Mick South Carolina House R $537,409.00 65 $1,211,142 37
Duncan, Jeff South Carolina House R $268,000.00 64 $1,035,657 52
Gowdy, Trey South Carolina House R $333,309.00 61 $967,999 44
Wilson, Joe South Carolina House R $328,377.00 40 $2,750,701 25
Rice, Tom South Carolina House R $346,289.00 37 $632,639 27
Sanford, Mark South Carolina House R $167,930.00 11 $175,930 6
Noem, Kristi South Dakota House R $596,801.00 33 $1,830,564 27
Duncan, John J Jr Tennessee House R $243,000.00 67 $3,628,476 57
Black, Diane Tennessee House R $636,582.00 65 $2,195,514 39
Cohen, Steve Tennessee House D $322,515.00 61 $2,037,775 43
Blackburn, Marsha Tennessee House R $934,963.00 58 $4,634,318 51
Fincher, Steve Tennessee House R $634,930.00 45 $2,040,549 32
Fleischmann, Chuck Tennessee House R $508,381.00 44 $1,313,755 33
Cooper, Jim Tennessee House D $184,145.00 33 $2,185,732 19
Desjarlais, Scott Tennessee House R $56,031.00 14 $723,910 28
Roe, Phil Tennessee House R $0.00 0 $10,000 0
Green, Gene Texas House D $544,466.00 81 $6,717,524 75
Burgess, Michael Texas House R $700,153.00 77 $4,332,822 69
Marchant, Kenny Texas House R $430,350.00 76 $2,532,226 62
Hinojosa, Ruben Texas House D $232,500.00 65 $2,479,133 42
Johnson, Eddie Bernice Texas House D $272,250.00 65 $2,957,073 58
Brady, Kevin Texas House R $1,223,160.00 61 $5,784,907 67
Neugebauer, Randy Texas House R $752,206.00 58 $4,200,834 43
Hall, Ralph M Texas House R $596,680.00 55 $5,727,899 58
Johnson, Sam Texas House R $386,968.00 53 $5,463,645 50
Smith, Lamar Texas House R $621,379.00 53 $4,216,183 35
McCaul, Michael Texas House R $618,631.00 52 $2,848,147 29
Barton, Joe Texas House R $475,706.00 51 $10,372,939 51
Sessions, Pete Texas House R $1,008,216.00 50 $8,429,660 43
Carter, John Texas House R $369,303.00 49 $2,874,840 45
Castro, Joaquin Texas House D $471,800.00 49 $991,159 40
Flores, Bill Texas House R $513,427.00 49 $1,337,396 23
Vela, Filemon Texas House D $293,895.00 49 $449,745 30
Cuellar, Henry Texas House D $569,392.00 48 $3,721,345 38
Gallego, Pete Texas House D $786,530.00 48 $1,235,931 36
Conaway, Mike Texas House R $750,471.00 47 $3,105,101 40
Veasey, Marc Texas House D $533,750.00 47 $1,036,928 44
Hensarling, Jeb Texas House R $1,234,898.00 46 $5,854,589 42
Jackson Lee, Sheila Texas House D $104,500.00 44 $2,437,605 43
Olson, Pete Texas House R $481,744.00 43 $2,267,829 36
Culberson, John Texas House R $220,750.00 42 $2,477,211 36
Thornberry, Mac Texas House R $520,005.00 42 $2,452,550 32
Doggett, Lloyd Texas House D $262,500.00 37 $3,313,320 30
Granger, Kay Texas House R $400,206.00 37 $4,337,874 39
Farenthold, Blake Texas House R $316,400.00 36 $840,150 32
Poe, Ted Texas House R $266,037.00 36 $1,968,995 32
Weber, Randy Texas House R $192,300.00 33 $592,838 31
O'Rourke, Beto Texas House D $119,900.00 31 $208,809 19
Williams, Roger Texas House R $391,902.00 27 $678,072 11
Stockman, Steve Texas House R $124,953.00 26 $922,172 30
Green, Al Texas House D $64,950.00 23 $1,175,673 43
Gohmert, Louis B Jr Texas House R $101,900.00 20 $1,141,431 19
Matheson, Jim Utah House D $835,008.00 89 $8,828,656 66
Bishop, Rob Utah House R $230,500.00 76 $1,507,995 56
Chaffetz, Jason Utah House R $407,875.00 60 $1,369,466 53
Stewart, Chris Utah House R $311,000.00 58 $546,100 54
Welch, Peter Vermont House D $533,417.00 64 $2,422,280 41
Scott, Robert C Virginia House D $624,490.00 86 $2,311,024 56
Griffith, Morgan Virginia House R $462,783.00 62 $1,379,937 43
Goodlatte, Bob Virginia House R $1,043,667.00 61 $5,932,440 50
Hurt, Robert Virginia House R $551,358.00 57 $2,140,079 38
Wolf, Frank R Virginia House R $119,150.00 52 $3,489,123 31
Wittman, Rob Virginia House R $477,550.00 51 $1,991,248 48
Moran, Jim Virginia House D $416,629.00 50 $5,588,732 38
Connolly, Gerry Virginia House D $727,810.00 46 $3,496,609 42
Cantor, Eric Virginia House R $2,417,522.00 39 $13,371,568 41
Rigell, Scott Virginia House R $483,742.00 39 $1,433,442 18
Forbes, Randy Virginia House R $369,630.00 34 $2,818,272 39
Larsen, Rick Washington House D $557,950.00 73 $6,029,830 51
McDermott, Jim Washington House D $272,250.00 72 $2,532,349 46
Smith, Adam Washington House D $553,050.00 66 $4,638,216 54
Reichert, Dave Washington House R $457,791.00 52 $5,035,104 39
DelBene, Suzan Washington House D $871,211.00 51 $1,563,384 15
Heck, Dennis Washington House D $686,200.00 51 $1,988,903 37
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy Washington House R $832,428.00 46 $4,415,641 43
Hastings, Doc Washington House R $214,100.00 41 $3,542,031 39
Kilmer, Derek Washington House D $619,635.00 41 $1,351,428 40
Herrera Beutler, Jaime Washington House R $462,103.00 33 $1,541,116 33
Rahall, Nick West Virginia House D $1,136,906.00 64 $5,420,929 54
McKinley, David West Virginia House R $632,056.00 51 $1,836,922 36
Capito, Shelley Moore West Virginia House R $1,603,448.00 29 $8,041,646 41
Petri, Tom Wisconsin House R $304,500.00 80 $4,356,673 59
Kind, Ron Wisconsin House D $1,156,437.00 72 $6,887,315 59
Moore, Gwen Wisconsin House D $520,000.00 70 $2,564,220 59
Pocan, Mark Wisconsin House D $408,540.00 54 $905,638 48
Duffy, Sean P Wisconsin House R $867,339.00 48 $2,525,885 39
Sensenbrenner, F James Jr Wisconsin House R $130,500.00 48 $2,986,998 52
Ribble, Reid Wisconsin House R $586,401.00 43 $1,960,039 39
Ryan, Paul Wisconsin House R $1,537,809.00 22 $7,823,056 32
Lummis, Cynthia Marie Wyoming House R $172,750.00 64 $1,323,131 40
Sessions, Jeff Alabama Senate R $769,768.00 52 $4,823,897 27
Shelby, Richard C Alabama Senate R $2,198,150.00 34 $7,957,717 29
Murkowski, Lisa Alaska Senate R $2,403,261.00 45 $4,723,628 40
Begich, Mark Alaska Senate D $2,588,018.00 39 $3,247,938 29
Flake, Jeff Arizona Senate R $1,636,838.00 17 $2,371,307 18
McCain, John Arizona Senate R $1,134,126.00 6 $6,248,362 1
Pryor, Mark Arkansas Senate D $3,316,138.00 37 $6,690,940 35
Boozman, John Arkansas Senate R $734,377.00 18 $1,916,037 29
Feinstein, Dianne California Senate D $2,255,167.00 23 $7,978,748 14
Boxer, Barbara California Senate D $1,426,106.00 10 $7,362,678 10
Udall, Mark Colorado Senate D $2,862,153.00 21 $7,176,001 22
Bennet, Michael F Colorado Senate D $2,988,812.00 19 $2,988,812 19
Murphy, Christopher S Connecticut Senate D $1,828,304.00 16 $4,437,021 22
Blumenthal, Richard Connecticut Senate D $1,385,575.00 14 $1,385,575 14
Carper, Tom Delaware Senate D $2,809,525.00 59 $5,999,616 44
Coons, Chris Delaware Senate D $2,756,967.00 31 $2,756,967 31
Nelson, Bill Florida Senate D $3,039,794.00 19 $7,080,288 17
Rubio, Marco Florida Senate R $2,036,026.00 7 $2,036,026 7
Chambliss, Saxby Georgia Senate R $3,500.00 44 $9,176,190 27
Isakson, Johnny Georgia Senate R $3,018,697.00 34 $6,337,184 26
Hirono, Mazie K Hawaii Senate D $1,172,229.00 20 $2,478,372 26
Schatz, Brian Hawaii Senate D $914,033.00 19 $914,033 18
Crapo, Mike Idaho Senate R $2,465,886.00 51 $6,399,811 53
Risch, James E Idaho Senate R $851,063.00 40 $1,701,936 32
Durbin, Dick Illinois Senate D $1,999,155.00 25 $8,267,411 25
Kirk, Mark Illinois Senate R $2,891,587.00 18 $6,144,201 20
Coats, Dan Indiana Senate R $1,801,094.00 31 $3,015,389 21
Donnelly, Joe Indiana Senate D $1,651,128.00 25 $4,507,297 37
Grassley, Chuck Iowa Senate R $2,973,905.00 46 $10,608,251 41
Harkin, Tom Iowa Senate D $17,500.00 38 $6,800,652 18
Roberts, Pat Kansas Senate R $2,365,798.00 51 $7,522,598 47
Moran, Jerry Kansas Senate R $2,135,611.00 38 $4,489,120 40
McConnell, Mitch Kentucky Senate R $5,457,788.00 23 $13,047,861 22
Paul, Rand Kentucky Senate R $700,457.00 5 $700,457 5
Landrieu, Mary L Louisiana Senate D $3,588,410.00 27 $10,831,549 29
Vitter, David Louisiana Senate R $2,458,996.00 22 $5,371,729 21
Collins, Susan M Maine Senate R $2,404,553.00 45 $7,435,095 38
King, Angus Maine Senate I $502,685.00 16 $502,685 16
Mikulski, Barbara A Maryland Senate D $1,997,000.00 40 $5,844,455 30
Cardin, Ben Maryland Senate D $2,638,315.00 39 $7,306,972 34
Markey, Ed Massachusetts Senate D $2,330,440.00 14 $5,099,988 18
Warren, Elizabeth Massachusetts Senate D $719,958.00 2 $719,958 2
Levin, Carl Michigan Senate D $2,000.00 80 $3,165,650 12
Stabenow, Debbie Michigan Senate D $3,803,880.00 27 $8,722,131 22
Klobuchar, Amy Minnesota Senate D $2,651,023.00 27 $3,884,255 19
Franken, Al Minnesota Senate D $1,246,489.00 5 $1,836,355 4
Cochran, Thad Mississippi Senate R $2,730,377.00 45 $5,351,987 42
Wicker, Roger Mississippi Senate R $1,987,237.00 44 $5,783,341 39
Blunt, Roy Missouri Senate R $4,179,443.00 28 $11,956,386 42
McCaskill, Claire Missouri Senate D $2,674,788.00 13 $4,226,208 13
Walsh, John Montana Senate D $642,622.00 23 $642,622 23
Tester, Jon Montana Senate D $2,975,603.00 22 $3,759,844 19
Johanns, Mike Nebraska Senate R $18,510.00 85 $1,983,546 43
Fischer, Deb Nebraska Senate R $1,359,600.00 24 $1,359,600 24
Heller, Dean Nevada Senate R $2,576,503.00 26 $4,510,005 31
Reid, Harry Nevada Senate D $4,780,264.00 20 $11,429,574 25
Ayotte, Kelly New Hampshire Senate R $2,446,980.00 30 $2,446,980 30
Shaheen, Jeanne New Hampshire Senate D $1,734,534.00 24 $3,876,386 18
Menendez, Robert New Jersey Senate D $2,907,734.00 18 $8,468,432 20
Booker, Cory New Jersey Senate D $1,368,795.00 8 $1,368,795 8
Udall, Tom New Mexico Senate D $1,435,407.00 22 $3,769,769 21
Heinrich, Martin New Mexico Senate D $1,307,521.00 18 $2,921,605 23
Gillibrand, Kirsten New York Senate D $5,051,690.00 17 $6,796,519 18
Schumer, Charles E New York Senate D $3,888,119.00 16 $7,020,874 10
Burr, Richard North Carolina Senate R $2,974,277.00 34 $8,353,959 30
Hagan, Kay R North Carolina Senate D $3,384,222.00 20 $4,304,291 17
Hoeven, John North Dakota Senate R $1,481,053.00 33 $1,481,053 33
Heitkamp, Heidi North Dakota Senate D $1,511,194.00 24 $1,511,194 24
Portman, Rob Ohio Senate R $3,272,614.00 18 $3,292,019 14
Brown, Sherrod Ohio Senate D $3,180,485.00 13 $8,590,110 20
Inhofe, James M Oklahoma Senate R $1,480,923.00 35 $6,458,667 32
Coburn, Tom Oklahoma Senate R $0.00 0 $675,407 13
Wyden, Ron Oregon Senate D $3,201,850.00 37 $8,059,571 30
Merkley, Jeff Oregon Senate D $1,669,114.00 21 $2,377,154 17
Casey, Bob Pennsylvania Senate D $3,036,108.00 22 $4,590,095 14
Toomey, Pat Pennsylvania Senate R $3,325,924.00 13 $5,047,948 15
Reed, Jack Rhode Island Senate D $1,361,871.00 47 $6,434,145 39
Whitehouse, Sheldon Rhode Island Senate D $1,346,388.00 29 $2,300,152 20
Scott, Tim South Carolina Senate R $2,127,924.00 37 $3,252,927 38
Graham, Lindsey South Carolina Senate R $1,880,132.00 19 $7,139,491 23
Thune, John South Dakota Senate R $3,073,906.00 27 $6,672,377 16
Johnson, Tim South Dakota Senate D $20,500.00 22 $7,836,118 41
Alexander, Lamar Tennessee Senate R $2,257,637.00 33 $5,802,532 13
Corker, Bob Tennessee Senate R $2,831,831.00 23 $4,999,590 14
Cornyn, John Texas Senate R $3,473,230.00 23 $8,441,243 19
Cruz, Ted Texas Senate R $1,633,264.00 9 $1,633,264 9
Hatch, Orrin G Utah Senate R $4,751,523.00 42 $10,582,418 36
Lee, Mike Utah Senate R $833,095.00 24 $833,095 24
Leahy, Patrick Vermont Senate D $1,217,436.00 27 $1,971,133 17
Sanders, Bernie Vermont Senate I $497,071.00 6 $2,105,106 11
Warner, Mark Virginia Senate D $3,260,388.00 23 $5,492,206 14
Kaine, Tim Virginia Senate D $1,387,842.00 7 $1,387,842 7
Murray, Patty Washington Senate D $3,139,408.00 20 $8,609,944 19
Cantwell, Maria Washington Senate D $0.00 0 $1,060,198 2
Rockefeller, Jay West Virginia Senate D $5,000.00 99 $4,726,417 27
Manchin, Joe West Virginia Senate D $3,405,692.00 35 $3,405,692 35
Baldwin, Tammy Wisconsin Senate D $1,235,340.00 8 $4,078,556 15
Johnson, Ron Wisconsin Senate R $1,104,673.00 6 $1,104,673 6
Enzi, Mike Wyoming Senate R $1,920,368.00 56 $5,149,859 62
Barrasso, John A Wyoming Senate R $2,340,219.00 45 $3,718,342 45

June, 2014 Survey of Priorities

Just over a year ago, I joined Clean Slate Now.  I have been committed to the cause of helping candidates who do the right thing and turn down special interest group campaign contributions, after I saw first hand -- as a candidate -- how corrupted our system has become.

I believe in democracy, and I'm sure you do, too.

That is how I want Clean Slate Now to work, as well, democratically.

Can you take our survey and let us know what you think Clean Slate Now's priorities should be?

Click here to take our survey

Thank you in advance for your feedback and your help.


Mark Mehringer
Executive Director

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from McCutcheon

A lot of deserved attention has been paid to the recent Supreme Court decision in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission from last month.  I have been following the discussion closely, and wanted to report to you a summary as it relates to our cause.

Click here to contribute to as we 
for candidates who refuse this money.

First, the good news - and yes, there is some.  There were three opinions written by Supreme Court Justices.  Two opinions (the plurality opinion written by Chief Justice John Roberts and the dissenting opinion written by Justice Stephen Breyer) had the combined support of eight justices.  

Both of those opinions noted support for the precedent that Congress "may regulate campaign contributions to protect against corruption or the appearance of corruption."

Only Justice Clarence Thomas dissented with the view that Congress can regulate campaign contributions.

Where the court is split is on the definition of corruption.

This leaves to door open, then, for the Supreme Court to reverse itself on the McCutcheon case.  In future cases, the court will be able to judge the impact of their decision based on real world impacts, not expectations or theoretical impacts.

The bad news, as you have likely heard, is that a slim majority of the court (five of nine) ruled the overall limit on contributions as unconstitutional.  For the plurality opinion, that is based on the view that Congress may only regular quid pro quo corruption. 

Apparently four Justices feel general forms of corruption are Constitutionally protected.

Read more

Our latest brochure

We just updated our brochure and wanted to make it available on our website for anyone to share with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, or anyone else you think might be interesting in cleaning the corrupting influence of special interest group money in politics.

Click here to download a PDF of our latest brochure.

Clean Candidates Party 2 - State and Local Candidates

Earlier this week we let you know about several candidates who are running for Congress and swearing off special interest political action committee (PAC) money in the process.  Few candidates, though, get their political start by running for federal office.

In the wake of announcing our Clean Campaign Agreement, we have heard from many state and local candidates throughout the country.  We are confident that this list does not come close to covering all candidates out there, so please be sure to spread the word with any candidates you know.

Here are our latest state and local Clean Candidates:

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Clean Candidates - Part 1

From our first days, Clean Slate Now has touted the brave souls who have taken the road less traveled of refusing special interest money.  That's what we are all about - advocating for candidates who say No to special interest money.  Today, I am excited to announce that the idea of running a clean campaign is catching on. 

In the past few weeks, we have come across many more candidates willing to do the right thing, from across the political spectrum and throughout the country.  This seems like a good time, then, to update you on and introduce you to those candidates.

We are entering a critical phase for the election cycle, and we need your help.

We need to let voters know that more and more candidates are refusing special interest group money.

Can you donate or volunteer to help us spread the word?

Here are the candidates running for federal offices who are turning down special interest money.  (Later this week, we will tell you about the state and local candidates).

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Clean Campaign Agreement

What we are asking is simple - for candidates and elected officials to turn down special interest group money and instead run clean campaigns, free of the corrupting influence of that money.

Here is the agreement we ask candidates to sign and live up to:

Clean Campaign Agreement


If you need help finding out who your elected officials are or how to reach them, you can find that out by entering in your nine digit zip code at (If you don’t know your nine digit zip code,you can find it here).

Memorial for Senator Ken Gordon

The Colorado Senate & House of Representatives are scheduled to consider a Joint Memorial honoring Senator and founder Ken Gordon on Tuesday, March 11, 2014. Current and former Senate and House members will convene on the Senate Floor and share their remembrances of Ken. 

Location:     Capitol Building; House gallery (third floor)

Address:      200 East Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80203

Date:            Tuesday, March 11, 2014


  • 8:45 a.m.  Guests to be seated in the House gallery (third floor).
  • 9:00 a.m.  Remembrances from current and former Senate and House members.

You are welcome to attend and we hope to generate a standing-room-only crowd in the Senate gallery that morning.

What angers you most about Congress...

Responses from our readers:


"That our representatives all recognize that special interest money dominates the decision process, yet to not have the courage to change this"


"I am angered by the total disregard for basic courtesy - the lack of civility - the "my way or the highway" by foes of Obama - the failure to remember the struggle for Civil Rights and the willingness to take us back to a time when they didn't exist at all - I could go on but I think that is enough!"


"Unwillingness to find common ground and solutions to our countries problems"


"the political mess is because of the financial mess. we need to get big money out of politics. we need to get big money out of politics"


"The democratic system has been corrupted by money and greed. The corruption has gotten so intense that a "science" of gerrymandering has evolved which allows representatives to pick and choose the electorate that they represent, thereby ensuring constant re-election. I'm also annoyed by two other issues: Congress did not attempt to slash its own salaries and benefits when balancing the budget, causing other federal workers to bear the brunt of Congress's fiscal ineptitude; and, that the representatives most heard from are the extremists. The democratic system has been corrupted by money and greed. The corruption has gotten so intense that a "science" of gerrymandering has evolved which allows representatives to pick and choose the electorate that they represent, thereby ensuring constant re-election. I'm also annoyed by two other issues: Congress did not attempt to slash its own salaries and benefits when balancing the budget, causing other federal workers to bear the brunt of Congress's fiscal ineptitude; and, that the representatives most heard from are the extremists.

In short, I am angered by gerrymandering, fiscal irresponsibility, and the lack of voice of the moderates."


"The Congress just seems out of touch with real people -- with me. I know that's a generality, but it's come to the place that I sometimes even wonder if it matters whether I vote (and I remind myself that it does matter!). Bottom line: Because I don't have access to the kind of money it takes to "grease the wheels" and garner the ears and attention of Washington power players (like a lobbyist or other deep-pocket entity does), I don't think anyone in Congress cares about what I think or want."


"-There should be a prison full of people culpable for the last financial crisis, instead we get corporate paid fines essentially with the public’s own money?
-No regulations and break-ups have happened for remedies for future financial crisis
-Rather than moving forward to on outcome based fixes to our healthcare system, we are tied up debating repealing the first step
-Corporations are not people, nor should the opinion of a rich man have more weight in our political process than anyone else
-Take money out of politics in is it is possible
-Focus on infrastructure, education at all levels including trades
-Create living wage and promote it globally
-Work on global tax code and pollution regulations on multi-national companies
-Stop policing world in as possible"


"-What angers me most about the United States Congress is it's utter disregard of basic, non-Keynesian economics!!!"


"Deceptive Bill Titles. Wonderful sound bite; devil in the details"


"Hard to put to words. Certainly the wealth barrier for individual members of congress is frustrating. I hate the fact that Congressmen campaign on an emotional level even in off years. I'll give it some more thought"


"Perhaps what needs to change most is the toxic flood of lies which seems to have overwhelmed the nation, making the wrong people angry for the wrong reasons - wrong because false. Yet, convincing people that they have been duped is one of the most difficult objectives to accomplish"


"The power Wall Street and Insurance industry to sell us the idea that 401-K were a wonderful way to save for retirement and that mandatory insurance would help us all.
Wrong wrong wrong on all accounts. We have to buy insurance that is over costly and then loss it when you actually use it. How pathetic when they pay their CEO’s millions and billions of dollars but find ways to actually screw the policy holders. There should be a law that 80 to 90 percent of all premiums have to remain for claims with 10 to 20 percent only allowed for administrative oversight.

Same with Wall Street and 401-k funds – never ever should people have to lose money due to excessive executive pay and bonuses. People should invest locally not wal street as too many take away from the average citizen. Enron should have been a wake up call as well as the bailouts.

I am sick sick sick of partisan politics and sound bites of passing laws like Obama Care that have huge unintended consequences on the average Jo and sold on a few sound bites. And the few good stories that rarely make up for the millions of those harmed by the unintended consequences.
We give Wal-Mart huge tax breaks instead of making them pay their fair share of taxes and provided loop holes and then cannot afford to help college Kids with cheap loans. Instead we allow Discover and Wells Fargo and other big banks to lobby for them to do loans to students and they charge a small fortune for the loans.

Too many politicians rely of the wrong people for advise and control who testify to make the record they want not the real record on what is going on."


"The influence of money in our political system has grown steadily in my lifetime. Clearly, the trend should be in the other direction. Most of our politicians are basically bought and paid for by corporate interests. They spend most of their time fundraising to stay in office, rather than working through the vital interests of the public, which is obscene! Democracy? One Citizen- One Vote?: Both dead. Rich corporations have a huge megaphone to peddle their agenda to the misinformed (through a politically oriented media system that is also bought and paid for).
One example is the fracking issue; which is touted as a means to create jobs while increasing our energy security; a true "Win-Win" if you believe their messages. What's not reported are: It will ruin ground water supplies forever in most places where it is practised; it will pump more carbon into the atmosphere, exacerbating climate change; and it further puts off the day when we move to renewable energy sources. Many innovators in the U.S. are working to create renewable energy sources, and foster energy conservation, but we don't have the money to buy lobbyists in order to drown the public airwaves with our alternative message.
This is just one issue where money in politics skewers the truth; there are many, many other issues that are being obfuscated by those who have bought and paid for our current political system."


"That so many are unwilling to work at compromise to get things done. That they are only concerned about getting re-elected and not governing for the best for the country. It's amazing to me that people are so short sighted and selfish.
That "liberal" has become a bad word!"


"Congress pretends to be democratic despite the gerrymandering of its districts"


"What angers me most about the current U.S. Congress is the dysfunction and lack of priority. The main functions of the United States Congress is to provide for the Common Defense and the General Welfare of the American people first and foremost, and I feel that Congress has its priorities wrong at this time"


"Religious dogma and self righteousness"


"Remember the bumper sticker seen in the nineties-"Vote Republican-it's easier than thinking"? I think this sums it up very well"


"My top concern is that there seems to no longer be any shame on the part of freshmen Congress members (as well as some long-term Congress members too) about their lack of accomplishment. It's as if they take pride in slowing down, obstructing and/or completely dismantling any attempt at rational government. To me this indicates a criminal attitude that is in direct opposition to the very role of Congress as defined by the Constitution -- in short, they should be impeached for malfeasance of office"


"It angers me that Congress cannot get ANYTHING done. Even if they did something that I disagreed with, at least it would be something. I'm hesitantly hopeful that the newest budget work is a step toward movement. But crossing their arms across their chests, stomping their feet and pouting screaming, "No no no!" is just ridiculous"


"They have not repealed lying Obamacare"


"They don't work in my best interest. The big money does the talking"


"Their complete lack of gravitas"


"Their inability to work together. This stems from excessive ideological positions which cause ideologues to become demagogues in practice"


"My concern is that the Republican party allows a small but vocal minority to control Congress and jeopardize the nation's economy. Mainstream Republicans need to step up and show some moral courage or they will send the party the way of Whigs and No-Nothings.

Democrats need to show support for the President and speak out for the ACA rather than allow its critics to dominate the media"


"What angers me most is related to the inability to compromise in Congress over tax and spend issues. To refuse to compromise, repeatedly and over broad issues, is inherently undemocratic. It presumes that one idea can be the only one to be advanced, regardless of the stance of others, a thought antithetical to democracy. Its single-mindedness is a close cousin of tyranny"


"My vote is the failure to rein in and regulate financial industry after 2008-2009 fiasco. Should have nationalized rating agency functions. Restored Glass Steagall in full. Backed out commodity futures modernization act. Eliminated all derivative betting with possible exception for limited hedging when proven interest in the hedge can be documented such as currency exchange rates. Not paid AIG claims on contracts without proven financial interest except possible partial return of premium. Regulation of bonuses paid. And criminal prosecution of many as was done for S&L fraud"


"It's largely controlled by angry, old, rich white men who
want to control the lives of everyone else who is not
an angry, old, rich white man"


"1. This is the most unproductive congress in United States history. The majority party (GOP) was hijacked by a group of ultra-right conservative nut jobs whose only goal was to completely obstruct the government. Congratulations, they succeeded.

2. The house of representatives does not accurately represent the population from the states they were elected. Through the process of gerrymandering, the republican state governments have seen to it that there is an over-representation of republicans.

3. The unwillingness to bring to the house floor, bills that are widely popular among the people, house representatives and were passed by the senate by a wide majority (including republicans).

What needs to be fixed?

1. Districts should be drawn using simple geometric shapes, not tailor-made to over represent any given party. The ratio of democrats to republicans in the house of representatives from a given state should approximate the numbers from their state.

2. Members of congress need not agree on all topics, but they should be willing to negotiate with opposing views to come together to form agreements, govern and do the job they were elected by the people they are supposed to represent.

3. Members of congress are elected by people, the people from the states they represent. They are not supposed to represent corporations, billionaires, or political organizations. They should try to find out how the majority of people from the districts they represent feel about issues, and vote accordingly, even if that means voting against their own personal views."


"They don’t get their work done"


"1. Republican scorched-earth obstructionism; at the expense of millions of Americans.

2. The control over congress by big money. Lobbying; revolving door politicians/lobbyists.

3. Making rules for the country, then exempting themselves. (“Some pigs are more equal than others.” Animal House)"


"What angers me the most is the lack of representation I have in Congress. Congressional members represent themselves. They represent the special interest groups that buy them and finance their re-election. They don’t represent the people who voted them into office."


"What angers me most is that the Tea Party is the Tail that Wags the Dog for the Republicans and they have only one goal, to try to ruin our President because he is black. They will do anything to try to hurt him while they are hurting our whole Country. They have no concern for the poor or homeless or elderly or children, and care only about their wealthy contributors and the big corporations. It is SO sad to think of what they have prevented for all of us. If only more Democrats would be less apathetic and get out and vote. Thanks for all you do. We need a lot more Ken Gordon's and Bernie Sanders', and Elizabeth Warren's and Alan Grayson's in Congress"


"Greed…the greed of the bazillionaire right wingers and "centrists" in Congress and the shadowy, soul-less hulks for whom they toil"


"Inability to compromise"


"I am most angry that our elected representatives in Congress (both houses) won't govern. Senators use filibusters and holds to stop the legislative process. And the House of Representatives rarely even attempts to legislate. It is a travesty of a legislative body.

Too many members of Congress would rather shut down the government than run the government. Making political points with their support groups is more important to them than representing the people who live in their districts. I intend to vote against each of the incumbents whose names will appear on the ballot in my area"


"lawmakers care much more about getting re-elected than they care about doing good things for their constituents. They puts politics before people. I think we should senate and house of rep terms both six years with a one-term limit"


"In general, they are clearly part of the elite & don't represent the people. Elections have become a sham & it is a myth that we the people have influenced their behavior in any major way. They are controlled by their desire for money & power (i.e. ego). They are able to legalize bribery when it is them receiving the bribes, determine their own incomes & give themselves the best healthcare & retirement package"


"They are criminals - and get a free pass or a slap on the wrist when they get caught. If I were arrested for possession of cocaine, or misappropriated company funds not only would I serve time, I would also lose my professional license. Yet the people who are supposed to be governing us get a pass. They should be held to the highest standard, not use their position as a get-out-of-jail-free card"


"The Tea Party and John Boehner. Both are cruel and arrogant in their obstruction of immigration reform, the ACA, and women’s rights"


"Out of touch with the real world"


"The leftist Democrats"


"From the beginning of his administration, in my opinion the Republican s have exhibited racism"


"The political gamesmanship. The Tea party folks taking a position of "NO" on almost everything. That and the inability to come up with meaningful Immigration Reform. Everyone says we need it, but no one seems to get anything done about it. In the mean time thousands of families are torn apart every year"


"obstructionists and lack of civility and communication just saying no if it comes from the other party
lack of any real compromise due to lack of exploring any shared values which leads to laws/regulations that everyone hates sense of non accomplishment and kicking can down the road
but then the corporations are the ones who actually are in charge due to their ability to influence the legislators with money"


"Thank you for asking.

1. I am angry that Congress doesn't seem to act in the best interests of the people.

2. I am angry that Congress is filled with millionaires who don't seem to understand the problems of those of us who are just making it.

3. I am angry that Congress allows jobs to be outsourced.

4. I am angry that Congress is bought off by special and moneyed interests.

5. I am angry that Congress allows privatization of government services -- allowing corporations to make a gazillion dollars at the expense of American taxpayers. I think we should not be asked to pay millions in private corporate CEO salaries.

6. I am really angry that Congress and the government have allowed corporations so much leeway that even those that are making billions don't have to pay any taxes.

I could go on, but you get my drift.

Our two U.S. senators, Mark Udall and Michael Bennett, are the two biggest wimps on the face of the planet. They need to be replaced by fighters who will go to bat for the people of the state."


"It is the fact that money, not voters, provides the access to and meaningful communication with the members of Congress. And that gives us the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, …"


"What angers me most is that they are more concerned with getting re-elected than in governing the country. They all seem to forget that although they were elected to represent a district or state, they also represent the people of that state and the nation. They appear to lack the will to sit down and solve the important problems facing our nation. They seem to only hear the loud fringe and the big corporations - not the people"


"The lack of getting things done, and even having a vote on bills"


"What angers me most is the liberals efforts to destroy not only the traditions of this country but the Constitution that has made this the greatest country in the history of man. The second is that the Republicans talk about small govt. and limited spending etc and then don't have the balls or the conviction to stand up against Obama and defund Obamacare completely. It appears the Republicans are just putting up a smoke screen and secretly are in favor of the same un/anti American agenda as the commie libs"


"If they are determined to sell their souls, why not sell them for good education, free healthcare, jobs for all, food for the hungry, and for Peace? Instead they sell out for more war machines, more drone killings, more money for the 1%, for free stuff for themselves (most are 1% ers themselves), more pollution, more chemicals, more GMO's, more excuses for doing nothing for the 98% of Americans.
I'm sick to death of them all!"


"Their giving corporations tax breaks, loopholes. These corporations have huge profits and don't need the money. The 98% of Americans do--for jobs, benefits, infrastructure, good schools for all, etc."


"1. Ideology trumps good sense and what is good for the country. This is primarily a Tea Party affliction, where making the entire country fail so that Obama will be blamed is the priority over desperately needed legislation.
2. Money trumps everything. Since money is now not just property but also has the ability to speak, a rich person’s dollar has a megaphone; dollars from the rest of us have laryngitis."


"What angers me most is that we no longer have a truly representative congress. They do not answer to their voters but respond to their biggest donors. Instead of spending their time working for the good of the country, they spend most of their time trying to get re-elected, talking with donors and campaign people."


"The fact that Democrats can't stick together like the R's. The fact that Dems aren't creative enough. For example, they should be focusing on getting 4 or 5 families out of each of the Tea Party districts who have benefited from the ACA and make their Representative eat crow. They should be hounding the districts of every R who voted to shut down the government by finding people in their districts who suffered as a result. Shame! Shame!. They should be making their constituents aware of the impact of the "Stand your Ground" laws and how ALEC is responsible. Most of all they should get some gump and stand tall against the R's games."


"They are the "do nothing useful" Congress, especially the House, run by a
dictator who answers only to the Koch brothers.
The house has votes over 40 times to undo a VERY popular law, giving
millions of Americans health care for the first time in their lives in some
No matter what the President wants, they are against it, even if it was
their idea in the first place.
They refuse to pass immigration reform.
They are against a lot, but "for" nothing"


"Just finished reading Mark Twain's first novel, "The Gilded Age." Not a very
good novel--but an excellent expose of graft, corruption, vote buying....
So what's changed now? The methods may be a little more sophisticated but
the result is the same: Money rules politics, one's voice is as loud as the
designated amount on the check. Yes! This is infuriating"


"Several things anger me about the U.S. Congress: Their inability to get anything done, the number of days they're actually in session, and their excessive salaries. It's no wonder they want to make a career out of being a Congress person or a Senator. It's time for Congress to have term limits! We're certainly not getting what we're paying for and I feel like they don't have our best interests at heart"


"What upsets me most about the congress is the people wailing about a 'do-nothing' congress. The Republicans who won the majority in the House in 2012 were put in place precisely for the purpose of blocking the far-left agenda of many Democrats.

Second, while the House has consistently fulfilled its legal obligation to produce a budget every year, in the Senate, Harry Reid has refused to allow these budgets even the courtesy of open debate! And then he blames the House for being 'uncooperative'!

Ken, if you ever hope for my support, put a stop to these "you have to pass the bill to see what's in it." votes. I don't like gun control measures that only control honest citizens and I think the ACA was VERY badly written. You guys need to do your job better."


"The commitment of Republicans in both chambers to obstruct every legislative action President Obama supports--particularly when the President's agenda conflicts with the interests of their major donors"


"Our representatives are supposed to be our voice in Congress and act in our interest, but then—on issues that have strong majorities either supporting or opposing them—they will still vote or act in a contrary manner. This is what angers me most about Congress"


"Where to begin?
Their corruption, obviously being in the pockets of corporations and doing their bidding, their complete lack of regard for the struggles of the common man, their willful ignorance of the pressing economic and environmental challenges we face, and these are just THE DEMOCRATS I'm talking about here.
The Republicans for their snide and cynical treatment of the poor, breast-beating about abortion and gay rights while claiming to love SMALL GOVERNMENT, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

Never in my life have I been as disillusioned with our political process, and as depressed and disheartened about our future. We are well and truly screwed, even if the Democrats make gains in the House and manage to hang on to the Senate and the White House, because those Democrats will be spineless cowards, answerable only to their corporate masters."


"Forgetfulness...and lack of respect for their constituents...they have
forgotten how to compromise to be effective leaders...with few exceptions
their concern for re-election trumps all other possibilities for
problem-solving and taking action that does not merely reflect the corporate
interests who have "bought" them"


"Congress is focused on what is best for him or her, the Congressperson. The idea of service isn't present anymore, and certainly isn't acted upon. They don't try to solve problems, but try to position their response so that they personally will be safe. If that hurts the country, so be it.

I suppose there was some rationale there, "If I can't keep my seat, I can't do anything for the country." But it's become _only_ about keeping the seat. The country always takes low priority compared to the so-called public servant's personal priority. It's a club and they want to stay in it as long as they can, without doing the job they were hired to do. "


"The fact that our liberties are slowly eroding while the filthy rich continue to prosper on the backs of the rest of the working poor"


"Congress does NOT serve the American Public, only self interest corporations and groups. Congress does NOT earn their pay. They leave town, refusing to pass bills that are essential to creating jobs and improving the economy. Congress members ONLY serve their base, rather than compromising and serving the American public. Congress votes themselves pay raises, more vacation time, more retirement and health benefits. Congress only looks out for themselves, rather than the American public.

Citizens United MUST be repealed or our democracy is dead."


"Would it be a ridiculous oversimplification to say REBULICANS? Okay, I'll be more specific: Obsessed, dogmatic, insane (not in touch with reality), obstructionist, greedy, selfish, cruel, racist, inhumane, extreme right-wing-Christian-conservative-Republican-anti-intellectual nuts. That's a start"


"I am most angry at the system of electing members that means candidates are involved in a contest of who can raise the most money. This is not fair to voters or the candidates. I am asked to donate to state house and senate candidates, the county, state and national democratic party, and school board candidates in addition to congressional candidates. I can't begin to donate significant amounts to everyone I would like to see elected. The candidates should not have to participate in a system that they have to raise enormous amounts of money to get elected"


"Lies, that are rarely if ever called out, let alone prosecuted; politicians make statements that are patently false and rarely are they challenged, let alone reprimanded or censured, but when someone like Congressman Joe Wilson calls out such a lie he is the one reprimanded; Congress condemns truth and rewards liars. Bill Clinton perjured himself in his testimony before the US Senate; any body else would have been arrested, indicted and imprisoned for it, but Willie is free.

Nuance, which is nothing more than lies dressed up to cast doubt on the obvious and make the ridiculous seem plausible.
“Jobs created or saved” -- There is NO such metric for Jobs Saved, hence another damned lie told by damned liars.
“We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” – How incredibly stupid must one be to believe this is reasonable?
“Tax & spending cuts” that do nothing to actually reduce taxes or spending, only to slow the rate of their increases.

Hypocrisy, on all levels and in all matters, such as providing waivers to “universal health care” – if there are waivers, then it is not universal, but it is crony capitalism. And instead of increasing the ranks of the insured, the Orwellian named “ACA” has actually caused millions of people to lose their insurance, and forced many others to pay for coverage they do not need or want! And in the deceitful attempt to justify this mandatory insanity, those politicians who support the ACA now refer to those lost policies as “sub-standard” when in fact they suited their clients needs perfectly; such politicians are despicable scum.
Why should a post-menopausal woman and a man with a vasectomy have to pay for maternity coverage? Failure to compel such couples to pay for maternity coverage is the ACA fans’ idea of a “sub-standard” policy, and it is asinine.
Who are these arrogant SOBs to tell consumers what products are acceptable and which are not, and WHY is government involved in insurance at all? Furthermore, anyone who has paid a modicum of attention to this whole debacle knows damned-well that the liars’ goal is a Single Payer system, with government in control of the whole mess. The English language lacks the polite words needed to describe what I think of those politicians & justices guilty of passing & defending this trash law.

Corruption, crony capitalism, squandering taxpayers’ money on chronic green energy failures – Solyndra, Evergreen Solar, SpectraWatt, Beacon Power, Ener1, the foreign-owned Fisker automotive, wind farms, ad nauseam, and then equating the return on conventional energy subsidies to green energy subsidies while concealing green energy’s carbon footprint, actual pollution/toxins, and true costs that green energy imposes on consumers and taxpayers. Lies of omission are still lies.
"Crony capitalism" -- it is a form of corporatism, AKA: Corporate Fascism, or simply Fascism. This is not just an opinion. Take it from the father of Fascism, Benito Mussolini: "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power."

Spending money we do not have. Everyone should be angered by Harry Reid’s refusal to even debate annual budget proposals and bring them to the floor for a vote, let alone actually pass a budget bill. Reid should be dragged away in chains, along with all of his enablers.

Stupidity, and arrogant, narrow-minded zealotry of insisting on spending trillions of taxpayer dollars in the absurd attempt to combat the specter of “global warming” (global cooling or climate change, or whatever the duplicitous hucksters are calling it this week) only to maybe affect the climate by about half of one degree over the next two decades. For this some Congressmen are eager to destroy our economy. Never mind that countries including China and Poland reject the IPCC’s claims and will continue to to what they deem is in the best interests of their people, even if it means growing their so-called “carbon footprint” larger than that of Al.Gore. (See: Hypocrisy, above.)

Failures, that are funded forever. Congress never eliminates bad ideas, programs, departments or agencies, even when the government’s own auditors assign them a failing grade. If you need sources and a list of failures just let me know.

Rights, such as the second amendment have been the law of the land for 224 years, yet as Congress constantly revisits and passes ever more legislation infringing on that explicit Right, some politicians also make absurd claims arguing that things such as health care and free condoms are also rights – they absolutely and unequivocally are NOT. None of the rights explicitly guaranteed in the Bill of Rights imposes a cost on anyone. Those so-called "rights" proposed by the Left amount to the advocacy of slavery; a “right” to housing, minimum wages, health insurance, health care, birth control, food, ad nauseam, all cost something and impose obligations on the life, liberty and property of someone else to provide them. (Bastiat called it “Plunder.”)

Disregard for the Constitution and oath of office. Both Houses of Congress constantly meddle in matters far beyond the Constitutional duties of the federal government while neglecting the very things to which that very Constitution obligates them. Politicians are NOT elected to office to act as our bankers and lenders, nor as doctors and surgeons, or insurance brokers, venture capitalists or investment advisers, and not even as educators! Why does anyone think these things are the role of politicians or government in the first place? The Constitution indeed is an imperfect document, it lacks an Article declaring such excesses, failures, abridgements and infringements to be treated as capitol crimes.

Gross Criminal Negligence and wanton disregard for human life demonstrated by Fast & Furious and Benghazi at the hands of this administration, and the sheer insanity of giving military aid and weaponry to Mid-East regimes whose stated goal is the destruction of the West and Israel, policies Obama and his administration still support and defend. The idiot POTUS and the traitorous “Hanoi John” Kerry still insist polite conversation will dissuade Iran from developing nuclear weapons – “naïve” does not begin to describe their level of suicidal stupidity. Additionally, no one died as a result of Watergate yet president Nixon was forced to resign for eavesdropping on one hotel, but today we still have a cabinet of lying murderers and incompetent fools running the country who eavesdrop on the entire nation with impunity.

Those reasons are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
You know I’m no advocate for anarchy, but I do find it harder and harder to argue against it."


"That none of the elected officials are doing the job that they took an oath to do. We need to dump them all and start all over again. It can be done if the people stand together"


"Following the party line without thinking about what's best for the country; thinking of their own political and monetary careers before 'the people'; not getting out here and truly understanding what people are going through (think Undercover Boss)."


"No one is doing anything and everyone is making their own rules and regulations!"


"Actually many are working hard, and many are obstructing progress. Know the difference, the throw them all out crowd is actually a front for the very one's doing the least.... Politically it is there only chance and they know it."


"That they no longer care about or serve the best interest of their citizens or country. Instead they serve the wealthy and corporate interests who have purchased them."


"None of them are performing the checks and balances. There was a reason the Senate was chosen by the states. Changing that rule has isolated too much power in Washington."


"they have sold our us, the environment and our future to greed. they don't give a damn about the wild horses and burros, or public land. They are simply put, evil greedy pawns of the wealthy and huge business. Sold out to big oil, Monsanto, pharmaceutical industry, and GMO crap. I have nothing but contempt for congress and the President. Both parties suckl"


"Money has purchased 80% percent of the congressmen. Rich people have too much money and want to control our country. Rich should be taxed to 70%"


"We are asked to write our congressmen and women about the things we think are important. What I get back is a form letter telling me all the wonderful things they are doing for the state and country. After passing only 55 bills this year, do they really think I'm stupid enough to believe that??"


"they haven't done anything about jobs -- they haven't stopped jobs from going overseas either"


"their support of weapons production, unending war, being cop of the world, more that one term..."


"Their blatant bigotry and misogyny - - pure evilness on the right!"


"that American jobs are still going overseas... while so many Americans are unemployed / under-employed"


"No honor among them"


"What angers me is that people with lots of money can give so much money to buy or influence politicians. Politicians should get just so much money in a salary and no more. They become detached from the people they are supposed to serve."


"The way that Big Corporations and Big Money in general have been able to buy control of our government. The fact that they have likely bribed they way onto the Board which are supposed to be regulating them. Being retired physician, I am particularly angry with the total dysfunctionality of the Fed. Drug Admin. They are completely sold out to the drug companies and there is no meaningful regulation. They not only stacked the Agency with "their" boys, but totally underfund it The same is true with the Environmental Protection and on and on"


"There are so many things that anger me, it would have been almost impossible to keep the answer short and sweet"


"Politicians who put their personal ambition and career above policymaking.
Machinations of political parties. Greed."

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