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Jon Oliver Summarizes What's Wrong with Congressional Fundraising

Ever wonder why so many Members of Congress are happy to take PAC money?

Jon Oliver explains...

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Presidential Campaign Fundraising Update

Last week, we updated you on the amount of special interest political action committee (PAC) money that has already been donated to current members of the House of Representatives.  This week, we focus on campaign spending in the Presidential race among the remaining six major party candidates (there are over 150 candidates who officials file reports with the Federal Election Commission (FEC)).  

For this analysis, we report on two different ways to impact campaigns: (1) direct contributions to each of the candidates' campaigns and (2) independent expenditures made by Super PACs and other special interest groups.

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Fundraising by Members of the House of Representatives

Here at, we track the fundraising of all Members of Congress, including their reliance on special interest group PAC money to support their candidacy. 

These results reflect the end of year (2015) reports filed with the Federal Election Commission and made publicly available as of February 24, 2016.

Below are the current members of the House of Representatives listed by state and then alphabetically.  

Click here to find your Representative and Senators and contact them.

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Update on PAC $ Contributions to US House Members

Congress_Capitol_Bldg_Clean.gifTwo years ago, we started tracking how much Members of Congress rely on contributions from special interest group political action committees (PACs) to fund their campaigns.  Our first report two years ago focused on how much money each member of Congress (at that time) had taken over the course of their entire career.  Last year, our analysis focused on Members of Congress and the 2014 election cycle.  This year, our analysis focuses on the first half of the 2016 Election Cycle.

If you want to find your own Representative's fundraising totals, click here, where you can also find your Representative and contact them.

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Famous Quotes on Politics

Here are some famous quotes and slogans on the importance of politics, including money in politics issues:


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