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From time to time, will host, sponsor, or cosponsor an event. We want you there. Sometimes we'll host meetings with local legislators.  Sometimes we'll hold a rally. Sometimes it may be door-knocking or a volunteer appreciation event.

We'll post those events here. Check back often to find out where will be, or sign up on our email list to get the invite.

If you have an event you'd like a staffer to speak at or to cosponsor, email the details to

Upcoming Events:

Please check back for more upcoming events.

Recent Events:

Debate on Money in Politics:

Founder, Ken Gordon, was joined by Campaign Finance Attorney, Mario Nicolais, at the University of Colorado School of Public Affairs for a debate on the role of money in politics. The two focused on such issues as the second amendment, the Citizens United decision, freedom vs. political equality, SuperPACs, corporate and union spending, and individual billionaire contributions. Both sides made excellent points, and the audience walked away learning a great deal about the issue.

Rally for Democracy/Occupy the Courts:

On January 20, 2012, cosponsored a rally organized by Move to Amend Colorado. Over 200 people joined together on the steps of the capitol to protest the 2nd anniversary of the Citizens United Decision which ruled that money is speech and corporations are people. From the Capitol, we marched through the streets to the court house in Denver to deliver a petition by Move to Amend.


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