Democracy is undermined in a profound way when we finance campaigns from wealthy interests who contribute to buy excessive political influence.  To get corrupting money out of politics, we advocate for candidates who refuse special interest PAC campaign contributions and agree to run respectful campaigns. There aren’t many of these candidates, but there are some, and the list is growing. We have put them on our “Candidates” page, and we invite you to support them. 

They have made an honorable decision to turn down corrupting campaign cash. We don't need to wait for a new Supreme Court or a change in the Constitution. Electing these candidates is a direct action that we can all take now to change how campaigns are run and thereby, reduce the corruption from special interest money in politics.

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Congressional District 6 - PAC $$ vs. Lobbyist $$

Labor Day used to be the unofficial kickoff date for campaign season.  In this day of unlimited campaign contributions and spending, though, many races have already taken off, including in Colorado's 6th Congressional District. 

Both of the candidates, Andrew Romanoff and Rep. Mike Coffman, launched their first TV ads, and the candidates have also held their first two debates.

You can watch the second debate online here, courtesy of the Aaron Harber Show and the Denver Post:

At the second debate, Coffman took issue with Romanoff's decision not to take money from political action committees (PACs), pointing out that Romanoff does take money from lobbyists and corporate executives.

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June, 2014 Survey of Priorities

Just over a year ago, I joined Clean Slate Now.  I have been committed to the cause of helping candidates who do the right thing and turn down special interest group campaign contributions, after I saw first hand -- as a candidate -- how corrupted our system has become.

I believe in democracy, and I'm sure you do, too.

That is how I want Clean Slate Now to work, as well, democratically.

Can you take our survey and let us know what you think Clean Slate Now's priorities should be?

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Thank you in advance for your feedback and your help.


Mark Mehringer
Executive Director

Clean Candidates

From our first days, Clean Slate Now has touted the brave souls who have taken the road less traveled of refusing special interest money.  That's what we are all about - advocating for candidates who say No to special interest money.  Today, I am excited to announce that the idea of running a clean campaign is catching on. 

In the past few weeks, we have come across many more candidates willing to do the right thing, from across the political spectrum and throughout the country.  This seems like a good time, then, to update you on and introduce you to those candidates.

We are entering a critical phase for the election cycle, and we need your help.

We need to let voters know that more and more candidates are refusing special interest group money.

Can you donate or volunteer to help us spread the word?

Here are the candidates running for federal offices who are turning down special interest money.  (Later this week, we will tell you about the state and local candidates).

Clean Campaign Agreement

What we are asking is simple - for candidates and elected officials to turn down special interest group money and instead run clean campaigns, free of the corrupting influence of that money.

Here is the agreement we ask candidates to sign and live up to:

Clean Campaign Agreement

People are starting to notice

When I first ran for the state legislature in 1992, I found that people from across the political spectrum appreciated and supported a candidate who did not take campaign money from special interests buying influence.  It has, however, been hard to convince other candidates to turn down this money.  Most candidates come from somewhere within the political insider class, and in that group, money buying influence is just how the game is played.


"Shall not perish from the Earth"

November 19th is the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.  


“The 26th North Carolina, hailing from seven counties in the western part of the state, suffered 714 casualties out of 800 men during the Battle of Gettysburg.  The 24th Michigan squared off against the 26th North Carolina at Gettysburg and lost 362 out of 496 men." (Source: Civil War Trust)

Starvation, disease and exposure killed nearly 2500 American soldiers at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-1778.

At Omaha Beach during the Normandy landings in World War II German soldiers manned machine guns in concrete bunkers that were nearly impervious to the weapons that the Americans had with them that day.  Approximately 2500 American soldiers were killed as they struggled to get from their landing craft to the beach.

Democracy -- the sovereignty of the people -- did not just materialize on the North American continent.  It was created by people who knew the alternative, and were willing to sacrifice for it.

Pretending to be a Congressman

Last week I went to Washington, D.C. to meet with others who care about rescuing democracy from special interest money.  While there I thought I would register my opposition.  After all, “dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”

Lamborn's Lenders - PAC Donors to Congressman Doug Lamborn

This is our fourth installment analyzing special interest political action committee (PAC) contributions to members of Congress.  We looked at PAC money given to Republicans Mike Coffman and Cory Gardner, and Democrat Diana DeGette.  Here we look at Republican Doug Lamborn.

Gardner's Givers

“The Colville River flows through much of the Brooks Range. Alaska’s largest Arctic River is home to 20 fish species. Known as an internationally-recognized area for nesting birds of prey, the Colville River’s bluffs provide significant nesting habitat for raptors such as Peregrine Falcon, Gyrfalcon and Golden Eagle.” - from On Arctic Ground

Pacs Giving to Both Sides

Here is a list of PACs that have given to both a Democrat and a Republican in the Colorado Congressional delegation:

You can find the rest of our blog posts here.

Diana's Donors

“Even when Congress occasionally does something about big money buying political influence--which it does every forty or fifty years--the Supreme Court says that ‘money is speech.’  No other country says bribery is speech!” 

-The author, venting during an early morning power walk with former Denver Post reporter Mike McPhee.

This is our second installment analyzing the special interest PAC contributions to members of Congress.  Two weeks ago we looked at money given to Republican Mike Coffman.  Here we are looking at PAC money given to Democrat Diana DeGette. 

Coffman's Coffers

Special interests buying political influence by financing campaigns is an ongoing crisis, profoundly undermining our democratic system.  This corrupt practice is accepted -- in fact promoted -- by political insiders across the ideological spectrum.   Accordingly we will publish reviews of the special interest political action committee (PAC) money received by members of Congress, starting with Colorado.

A PAC is a political committee set up by an interest group to make contributions or independent expenditures on behalf of candidates. 

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